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I completed my first year of studies in mathematics at University of Montreal. My current interests are number theory, analysis, measure theory and abstract algebra.

comment Purpose of double-sharps and double-flats?
@Noldorin : I was just giving you an explicit example ; I came across double sharps and asked a question here myself about them, this is why I found this question.
comment Purpose of double-sharps and double-flats?
@Noldorin : See the first movement of Moonlight Sonata from Beethoven ; there is 2 or 3 double-sharps there.
comment What does a small x-like symbol before a note mean?
I think what brought confusion while I read was that at some point I think there was a double sharp on a note which was already "sharpened" in the scale, is it possible that in this case it only "raises half a tone"? If you understand what I mean.