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comment How important is warming up before playing an instrument?
@Édouard I've once heard a concert where the main performer was using, among others, a special bass guitar with metal neck. However, as it was cold outside, but warm inside, the instrument would go totally out of key even after a short period of time.
comment How to determine the name of a chord from knowing the notes I am playing?
Note that for more complex chords it's impossible to know its name from just the notes. The context is essential (and even then it might be ambiguous). For example 343343 (i.e. G C♯/D♭ F Bb D♯/E♭ G) could be both G7♭5♯5♭10 if followed by some C minor, or A7♭5♭913 (no root) if followed by version of D minor (esp. if the bass guitar plays A as a base).
comment Chord analysis: b13 or #5
I think that you should add to your post that the context is jazz (right now it's a bit misleading). For example, in jazz there would be a bass note somewhere down that would justify the G natural being b13 instead of just b6.