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I do all of these things:

  • program in perl, C, C++, ruby, javascript, assembly, and java.
  • avoid php
  • use opengl/webgl to make stupid pointless stuff
  • write raytracers (see avatar)
  • wade through rails code
  • read chinese
  • play metal guitar
  • write boring mini-biographies that nobody will read, just to get a badge.

How well I do any of these things is up for debate.

comment Why are pianos traditionally tuned “out of tune” at the extremes?
Yes, the Railsback curve. I knew there was a name for it. I just forgot/couldn't hear which direction the deviation was in.
comment Guitar practice: more often but less time or once in a few days but for a few hours?
+1 for "general wanking" :)