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comment Yamaha vs Casio digital piano - is there an objective comparison?
This is what I use as well. Phenomenal piano sounds (especially through nice headphones) and great price.
comment Suggestions for switching from piano to electronic keyboard?
Well I don't ever play strings on keyboard a whole lot, but: There's not a whole lot of difference in actual keying technique, but as far as chord voicings, I would usually play octaves, fifths, or other sonorous intervals in the bass, so you can get that nice fat bass string sound. Then usually do block chords or whatnot with the right hand staying relatively close to middle C. Some dissonant intervals that might sound good improvising on piano may not sound good with string sounds. I'm afraid I can't offer much more than that. Maybe discuss the sound that the ensemble members want?
comment Warnings/Comments/Suggestions for low brass player learning tenor sax?
Thanks for the tip!