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comment Why is my guitar constantly out of tune?
That Was my initial thought and I was going to replace them, and I asked on on recommendations for machine heads, and a majority of the people who posted told me it would not solve my problem. The temp and humidity are fairly consistent from day to day. I find it to be kind of embarrassing that my $50 walmart guitar stays in tune much longer with less care. What is the best way to look for worn nut grooves? Is it an obvious thing if I look at it? Thanks for your help!
comment What qualities of a guitar should I seek for an 8 year old?
He does have a point, if the kid does want an electric guitar, an acoustic will not fulfill his wants. If you want the kid to enjoy this you would want to seek what he wants, not what you want for him. The fun factor isn't just from holding the strings right, but also what he thinks is cool. If he thinks the guitar looks stupid he's not going to want to play it at all
comment Can I connect my semi-acoustic guitar to my computer and get output from its speakers?
When you say amplifier, are you looking for loudness, or different effects such as gain, or many of the others? For loudness it would just be a new speaker set, but as far effects there are many different types of software that can do that and even record at the same time. One I like thats relatively cheap is Acoustica Mixcraft.. and on that if you are unsatisfied with the effects that come with it you can install 3rd party plug ins, there is a free trial, otherwise its i believe $60 USD
comment 2 Heads on one Cab?
I was curious being there are 2 inputs on both cabs.. I like the sound I get from 2 cabs vs 1, but I only want one head operating at a time Thats why I would have the ABY switch on there.. So one head for 8 speakers, and then use the switch and it would be the other head driving them.