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Math PhD student at Czech Technical University in Prague and at LIAFA in Paris. At the same time, I'm a typesetter (and partly the copy editor) of one scientific journal (done in LaTeX, of course).

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comment How to play same note legato?
+1 particularly for "different fingers"
comment Piano Maintenance
@Jez'r570 I suppose it is not such an issue with drums, since the wood is thinner and the instuments smaller, making it less affected by changes of conditions, but I have no experience with drums you see...
comment Why is a grand piano better than an upright piano?
There're no strings attached to the hammers in a reasonable-quality upright, because strings would get worn. There's a much more complicated mechanism that uses the energy you give to the key to move the hammer away. Therefore the upright is less sensitive to the hit energy.
comment How to know whether my guitar is the problem or I am the problem
+1 This is IMHO the best answer that could be given. It's close to impossible to evaluate the instrument and/or your way of play directly on this site, hence you need an offline help.
comment How to keep from tensing up when I click the metronome faster?
I do not have this experience on the piano. It is about practice, but you cannot go fast on it. Nobody was born with fingers playing large hundreads of notes in a minute and still the best musicians can do it if they practice really hard.
comment What are some interesting ways notes and chords are spelled in cultures outside of the U.S.?
The German convention (H for B and B for B-flat) is a standard in Czech as Slovak as well. However, to avoid confusion, many people use a hybrid variant: H for B and Bb for B-flat ommiting the problematic standalone B.
comment Metronome on Yamaha CP-50 stage piano
@MatthewRead I don't think it was necessary to make it CW, but it's your choice ;) Anyways, thanks for this, I have found it in between in the Reference Manual. However, I'm not happy with this solution, since it's pretty stupid and complicated, so I might see, maybe someone has a "metronome" drum file for CP-50...