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comment What woodwind instrument in the picture (II)?
@BobRodes: seems more like a sopranino recorder for me, bottom instrument here in comparison with soprano above. (…)
comment How to Read Sheet Music
The score exhibits some very unusual bar lines. There should be none at all after the the time signature, no double bars anywhere a simple bar a beginning of line 2 and may be a thick bar at the end of the piece.
comment Does a time signature imply accents?
related: this question
comment Why are bass guitars so much shorter than a double bass?
This principle can be easily seen comparing the highest to the lowest string of any guitar or bass, which obviously have the same length.
comment How to record and add the voice of my friend for a song who is in another country?
If you want to publish audio-only, I would ensure, that your friend has decent audio equipment to record, which means a mobile audio recorder (as opposed to built-in stuff from laptop, mobile phone, webcam).
comment What was opera performance practice like in Wagner's time?
The citation of Mark Twain at least suggests, that the audience was quiet....
comment Half, Three Quarter Sharps and Microtonality
I've never encountered a triple-sharp or flat (and can't comment on microtonal stuff). Double sharps/flats are not uncommon. They occur in keys, where a single sharp/flat is already in the key signature, see linked question an its answers.
comment What does it mean when we say that this musical instrument is n octaves?
I would not take it for granted, that the lowest tone is a C. Where the range ends, is typically indicated by the number of keys.
comment who were the first known people to play a reed instrument
@ I dont consider the flute as reed instrument. Even if a pan flute is made of reed, it does not fit the definition of being involved in sound wave production.
comment What do Four Vertical Dots mean?
Elain Gould in Behind the Bars also calls them dotted barlines. She state that they mark subdivisions of a bar, especially useful in very long bars or irregular ones, e.g. subdivided 2+2+3.
comment Why are time signatures needed?
I'm somewhat unsure: possibly mean chord notation? Whether notes are played at the same time or not, is typically seen from the fact, that they share the note stem... This rule finds its exception in very tightly set chords, where notes in smaller intervals than a third may be squeezed aside.
comment Αre these three dots over a note supposed to be staccato?
possible duplicate of Four dots over tremolo minim (half note with slash)
comment Do accidentals in one staff apply to notes in other staffs?
It is somewhat unclear to me, for what reason you write "should affect". I learned this quite recently from an comment by @Éduard, that accidentals are valid for the one octave only, where they appear. (see e.g. wikipedia). So I would be more than surprised, if they would be valid in different staffs, clefs where the context is much more difficult to see.
comment Which keyboard works - beside Bach's - are part of the study curriculum *and* regularly performed in public?
I don't understand the purpose of this question, the only one coming to mind is, to study something which then can be presented in a concert - a somewhat adventurous approach. It was already discussed in another question, that the grades are highly depending on the country, which I would also claim for the concert repertoire. Why obvious Haydn and Mozart are not mentioned yet, eludes me.
comment How do I learn to play the flute with vibrato?
related question here
comment Algorithms for music composition
The program Ludwig 3 also seems to do something like composition.
comment What is the '+' symbol mean in a chord?
A futher meaning, especially encountered in baroque music, is an unspecific ornamentation (instead e.g. of a trill symbol).
comment Piano getting out of tune and noisy after 6 weeks
No reason for alarm in my opinion. After a long break it might take some tunings, until the stability is as expected. The piano technician also might have chosen a little lower tuning to smooth the ramp-up-process, which explains your guitar tuner results.
comment How do archaic instruments affect contemporary music?
@BraddSzonye: It seems plausible now, but I know no clarinetist not having B♭ and A instrument, and in classical literature there are pieces, where one has to swap between the movements.
comment Why does bowed string instrument size matter?
I see both questions as different phrasings of the underlying "purpose, benefits and disadvantages of scaled-down string instruments" question, which are difficult to answer reasonably without mentioning other aspects. The kernel answer to your question is "The instruments are smaller to be more conveniently handled (e. g. by smaller persons) bought by some compromises concerning the sound" - in my opinion still somewhat unsatisfying.