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comment When to start Vibrato (on any instrument)
@NReilingh I apologize: a string bassist. I would have used the term "bass voice." In choral studies I was a high baritone/low tenor (aka not a vocalist, my range sucks).
comment Mute other side of String When Tapping (2-hand tapping style)
I apologize for taking so long to choose an answer, but I was really busy and then just forgot. My bad! But this seemed to be the most varied and give the most options of the answers. I've upvoted everyone for their answers. Thanks all!
comment Mute other side of String When Tapping (2-hand tapping style)
@WheatWilliams ha! You totally made my day. : ) I met him after the show a few times, super nice guy!
comment How do I keep my larynx balanced when I am singing in my head voice?
I'm not sure if @Luke 's comment was before the edit, but it looks like WildGeese answered the question very well from a technical standpoint. +1 !
comment What happens when I start to get music “down” to the point where I can play it fluently?
If you like the answer you can always upvote it. : ) That being said, I totally agree. I think the problem with mastering music is that people expect to learn it faster than it took them to learn to read or write, and honestly it's a very long process with a lot of degrees of skill. Mastery comes not when you're able to achieve great things by overcoming others, but when you're able to overcome yourself and achieve greatness itself.
comment How to learn many musical instruments?
@Faza great point. If you're trying to maximize the speed at which you learn instruments, try to learn families together. But if you're hoping to branch out to as many instrument families as possible, you might want to vary that up first, so when you circle back around you already have the fundamentals. For example, I learned piano first, then trombone and bass. From there I learned guitar, but doubled back to learn euphonium/baritone/tuba and trumpet. Then I picked up the upright bass, which led to 'cello, etc. It's ultimately up to you, but keep yourself interested in new experiences!
comment How to learn many musical instruments?
@Phelios: it depends on what you want to do with it. As far as opening doors, the only thing it really allowed me to do was get further education, with the potential of eventually teaching or working in an academic setting. If this is what you want, it's essential, especially in the US. If you just want the education, it could be valuable to you but I'll be honest, if you're a self-starter I think learning on your own/private lessons can be more productive, more if you already have a day job. Music Schools tend to have a hard "weeding out" process the first few levels that can slow you down.