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I am a highly motivated, results-driven IT professional with 10 years experience, a systems engineer who enjoys working on large-scale systems and challenging problems. I have experience with large number of servers (10.000+) connected via WAN and LAN, which makes it possible for cloud providers to deliver reliable services to customers

My current role is: systems engineer of the team which runs the websites.

On the top of usual systems engineering tasks, I like to develop softwares, my main language is Ruby (and I use Ruby on Rails of course :) ) but I can read and understand (and fix) Perl and Python, however it is not my favorite. I started to learn Erlang recently, which helps me understand the challenges what software developers face with distributed systems.

comment Serato Scratch Live or Traktor Scratch Pro? (Or None)
Traktor is actually more mature product and many DJs including guys from US and EU as well use it. The features are just so much better than Serato (4 decks, effects, many controller support, etc.) Actually there is no real advantage listed on the Serato side since Traktor works well with macs as well and I am not quite sure how the comment writer got the info that Serato is more popular in the industry.