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comment Everyday guitar routine
Warm up exercises should be number one on your list. I'm surprised no one has suggested this. It's not going to take your guitar playing to the next level but your hands will thank you down the road.
answered guitar scales: where to start
comment As a beginner guitarist is it worth learning to play lead guitar early on?
I agree with this for the most part as a good way to get into guitar but a lot of Metallica is technical enough where if you don't have any knowledge of scales or practice them regularly it will take twice as long to do what you might want to do. Essentially what I'm trying to say is, there are much more effective ways to learn to play Metallica then actually playing Metallica!
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comment Should i buy guitar effects even If I'm a beginner?
I agree with play with effects if you want to, they're a lot of fun. I do think playing with distortion and practicing with it on is a good idea. I don't think it's a good idea to practice with distortion all the time. It will mask a lot of mistakes and imperfections in your technique. If you can play something in a clean tone perfectly, it will sound that much better when you add effects.
comment Create deep bass effect like Osmos for iPad soundtrack
As an alternative to using a pitch bend if you have a synth that self oscillates you can set an lfo to change the pitch at a really slow rate and then just wait for something to happen. An oscilloscope can also helps if you have access to one. But since it's from a song there's a good chance it's a standard pitch.
comment RHCP “Wet Sand” solo doesn't correspond to the key?
The song changes keys to E major.
comment Can't feel meter when playing
@Uiy in his defense it sounds like you've just started playing. This is a problem common among new musicians and would be hammered out after a while in a formal setting. When I first learned to play an instrument I spent as much time clapping beats and counting as I did actually playing the instrument itself. This is something you learn with time and practice there are no tricks or shortcuts really.
comment Plateau in speed increases
Just keep at it. No one has said this yet but 40 hours isn't really that much practicing. I had planned on going to school for performance a while back and I would practice 4-8 hours a day. Keep at it but give it sometime you will plateau again and again but if you practice through it you will see results.
comment Harmonizing melody exercise question with specific parameters
What is the book?
comment Overcoming “tracking nervousness” when recording a take?
+1 I loop when I'm recording too. I assume I'll mess up on the first try and keep doing it until I get it right. I used to have the same issue as the asker but after practicing recording a lot it sort of just went away. But looping definitely helped and still does.
comment Lead Guitar : How to get faster
Practice more/get a teacher. This is a very broad question and I think there are a number of questions already on this site that cover aspects of what you're asking.
comment Getting my Daughter Started in Music
I don't think there is any reason to believe that a child cannot differentiate between two languages. In fact, most of the more recent research into the subject is showing quite the opposite. It's as harmless as your child not speaking with perfect grammar, correct them and move on, they won't just suddenly start speaking any language perfectly let alone 2 without your guidance. It isn't necessarily caused by lack of differentiation, it's more a lack of vocabulary in one language. Children will definitely do it but adults do it all the time also.
comment Finding a balance point learning to pick a guitar at a right angle?
Practice a lot. You shouldn't need to put a lot of effort into picking regardless of the angle; it's hard to say what you're doing wrong without seeing.
comment Why is dropped D tuning used so often?
Actually, the down tuned guitar doesn't necessarily give it that lower grungier sound that's so common with those chugging riffs. A lot of people are under this impression because a lot of those bands down tune. You can down tune as far as you like but if you're not set up right someone with standard tuning will sound "heavier."
comment What is the difference between a collection of sounds and music?
I recommend The Rest Is Noise by Alex Ross. It's a history book about peoples' perception of what music is over the last century, among other things.
comment How do I properly stretch my newly strung strings?
I've never stretched guitar strings and I've never had problems with tuning.
comment Strange key signature?
Bartok probably didn't want to write a # by every C in the piece or a natural sign in front of every F, maybe it was just easier to do it this way. He also has songs where each hand has different keys. His music wasn't exactly the traditional European classical so maybe he didn't feel like notating it in such a way.
comment What factors affect the loudness of a drum?
Agreed. This isn't an easy question to answer without getting into a lot of physics/math; just trying to explain what gives things volume to begin with is difficult enough. Which, by the way, isn't just a matter of increasing the amplitude of a sound wave, it's much more involved than that.