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I'm currently studying computer science, or what could be called "information technology". It involves learning high-level-language programming, so general OOD, involving GRASP, Scrum, XP and more.

The languages I have the most experience with are C# (WPF and ASP.NET) and Java (normal and Android) but I also know some basic MySQL, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and more.

I've touched many surfaces but I wouldn't consider myself a master of anything yet. More like a jack of all trades. Especially concerning security and performance optimization (which usually requires a lower level language).

comment How to keep practicing to compose music when you're too picky to listen to yourself playing
I think it's easier to use a dictaphone, since you don't need to pause while improvising, and then you don't have to use focus on memorizing what you're coming up with. Of course, you can end up having lots of more material than you want, but usually what I need to improve a song is just to hear the "draft" again.