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comment Do we find music arranged according to Western Music Theory pleasing because of “biological instinct” or because of what we learn?
@RockinCowboy "wrongly convincing". Asking whether something is "due to instinct" or "due to learning" implies that either one or the other is the case, but in fact almost certainly both mechanisms are operating. People are quite bad at understanding mixed-causality situations, which is why there are so many "false dichotomies". Arguments based on these are usually specious :)
comment Do we find music arranged according to Western Music Theory pleasing because of “biological instinct” or because of what we learn?
The alternative is specious. A huge part of what we transmit to our children culturally is also biologically constrained (but not determined). There are many different scales that peoples consider "natural", but only a tiny fraction of those that would be mathematically possible actually occur. Most of them would be hard-pressed to be accepted by any culture.
comment What's the term for speaking fast in a verse
comment Where to upload (keyboard) transcriptions?
The standard resource is imslp.org. Do you have a particular reason why you think they would not want your scores? There is no particular notability requirement - I've even uploaded myself and nobody objects.
comment How do you play a glissando with two notes?
With great difficulty! I dare anyone to practice this for some time and not sustain at least slight skin injuries. It's still a fun piece to play, though.
comment Good jazz pianists to transcribe for a beginner
Didier Squiban - provided you accept his music as 'Jazz' at all.
comment Does the line between the time signature have a name?
How would one know? They're always printed centered so that there already is a line there anyway.
comment How does your brain learn to play the piano two-handed?
He he. Try learning drums, or the pipe organ - it's like this, only 50% harder. No worries, you will get there; it requires a lot of tedious practice that seems to achieve nothing, but actually does.
comment Is there a standard notation for piano fingering?
There's still 'sopra' or 'sotto', indicating how to position your hands relative to each other when they interfere with each other. Rarely necessary, but can be a bit of an eye-opener when used judiciously.
comment Why do I need to learn counterpoint if I know harmony?
This is a lot like asking "I want to learn Spanish, do I really need vowels? Aren't consonants enough to get by?"
comment What made Mozart unique as an improviser?
There is little information about that, since there are no recordings, and the few contemporary descriptions are hard to interpret in modern terms. For what it's worth, Wolfgang Hildesheimer assumes that KV397 is one of Mozart's improvisations, and that he would have improvised countless similar pieces, which happened not to get transcribed.
comment Does following “musical forms” suppress “creativity”?
Note that the "free fantasia" is itself a respected musical form - musicians of all ages have occasionally felt the need to break fundamental rules without starting a whole musical revolution about it. That's why such a paradoxical "catch-all" genre exists.
comment How do instruments with discrete tuning play chords alongside those with continuous tuning?
Almost all fixed-pitch instruments in the orchestra (harps, xylophones, piano) don't produce sustained notes, which makes the difference even less noticeable. The one exception is the rarely-used pipe organ, and you do in fact often hear discrepancies with a prominent organ part if you listen closely.
comment Suggested text material about Italian baroque composition
I misread your title as "I want to set texts to baroque music, which poems would be a good choice?" It might be better to say you seek literature about this variety of baroque style.
comment What is the name of the symbol like a combination of a mordent and f?
Also note that the trill should actually be on the third note of that bar, not the fourth.
comment What do the letters above the piano staff represent?
Those are chord symbols. Look up en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… and read the first section.
comment Trill in Bach fugue WTC 1 BWV 851
Starting with the auxiliary note is definitely the historically accurate thing. The opposite style didn't become common until later.
comment Multi-measure percent repeats in lilypond
The third image in lilypond.org/doc/v2.15/Documentation/notation/… shows percent repeat signs that are good for several bars. Is that not what you want?