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comment Sight reading (“two hands”) for one non-performers?
Find some sort of graded curriculum or anthology that you haven't yet played, and try sight-reading a few pieces to figure out what level of music you can currently sight-read to your own satisfaction. Work on sight-reading at that level for a while, then move up when you're ready. Once you get a sense of what scores at your level look like, you can download a lot more for free at if you need extra material at a given level (which you will, since you can only sight-read a piece once). By the way, a good teacher should be willing to address a student's individual goals!
comment strange fingering in moonlight sonata
And finger 4 on D# or not, if you play 1 2 3 on those triplets and you're getting ready for the next 1 on E, you then have 1, 2 and 3 clustered together on E, F# and G#, which makes it hard to reach the E with 5 gracefully.
comment strange fingering in moonlight sonata
Sempre senza sordini means "use the pedal throughout the piece". It does not mean "leave the pedal down forever without changing."
comment Fast octaves on the piano
The score on IMSLP shows 32nd notes...!
comment When playing in a minor key, will the chords be minor as well?
Even a beginner should have a C# in their palette of D minor notes -- to allow for A major, the dominant of D minor!
comment What instrument can an old guy learn if the main goal is to write music
+1 And don't be intimidated by the complexity of playing the piano. If you're learning in order to compose, your major goal is learning to pick out lines and try different kinds of things -- you're not trying to play a performance. (Unless of course you fall in love with the piano and start practicing a lot and performing!)
comment What to look for in beginner etudes for a second instrument?
You could try All for Strings (Anderson/Frost). My violinist spouse teaches from the beginner violin book which has 184 pieces that are all very short and tend to alternate between exercise-like and musically interesting. The viola book is probably similar.
comment Name for music that imitates speech
Peter Ablinger wrote some wonderful pieces that imitate the speech of famous people so closely that you can almost hear the words. Then he went the extra mile and built an electronic player piano that transcribes voice to notes automatically.
comment Need keyboard that sustains like an acoustic piano
Hi Slim, do you know of any actual instruments at a reasonable price point that have the synth capability you describe?
comment Limb independence for non-drummers
(Sorry, I missed how old this question was before I answered! Hope this is helpful to someone else.)
comment Goldberg Variation 28, right hand 4/5 trills
Why not play the trills 3/4 or even 2/3 if you have large enough hands to reach the other notes? Fingering is very individual and 4/5 is usually only for when you have no other option.