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comment Why are the white and black keys on the piano placed the way they are?
The piano layout is fine like it is. If all keys were at the same level it would be impossible to play properly. 12 keys in a row would be too many in my opinion. Besides, it is simple and somehow logical to me. The most basic scale (C major) is the easiest to play and doesn't require too much effort to learn. Whereas on a guitar you have the strings like EADGBE and to play a C major scale you have to know the steps between tones etc.
comment Store only voice in PSR keyboard memory bank
I do not have this keyboard and actually right now I am using a midi keyboard without memory. I suggest you to send an email to Yamaha support I am sure they will find a solution for you. I was looking through their faq but I didn't seem to find what you're looking for…
comment Developing a good practice routine for piano improvisation with a band
There is also a software called Reaper including a plugin called "NinJam" that allows you to jam online with people. It works pretty well and at least you don't stick to the genre of music you are used to playing.
comment Keyboard volume pedals
You are welcome, I am glad it helped you... Keyboards are complex and I am sure most people (including me) only use 25% of their ability.
comment What instrument is inexpensive and can be self-taught?
An harmonica is very compact, you can bring it everywhere you want but you have to choose the right one... Chromatic harmonicas are cool because you can play in any key, you do not need a specific harmonica for each song you play nor transpose a song in a different scale. However, they are a bit more expensive than diatonic harmonicas. What genre of music would like to play?
comment Breakdown of Ray Charles' “swinganova” style?
Is "swinganova" similar to this ? Because, I only find John Scofield's music when I google "swinganova". I see he has some tutorials on youtube as well.
comment Making “acceleration” effect
I know how to change the tempo within a song with automation in Ableton live but I am not sure that what you asked is possible to do without adjusting the tempo.