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comment Name of baroque formation with five musicians (soprano, recorder, violin, viola da gamba, lute)?
Thx. I should have put this into the question: I'm wondering how this particular kind of quintet might be called.
comment The Swan of Tuonela: Sibelius, Wagner, and Smetana
I've now listened to Smetana's The Moldau again. I think he does use a similar overall approach to Sibelius' in the The Swan of Tuonela: with rapidly oscillating strings (reminding us of nordic winds and the Moldau's waves respectively, I suppose, and to my ear and across another century also a bit similar to Philip Glass' abstract minimalistic style) on top of which main themes are deployed. In terms of atmosphere the pieces seem different, and I personally far prefer the Sibelius (e.g. don't like how Smetana adds folksy tunes as e.g. also Mahler did in his time).
comment The Swan of Tuonela: Sibelius, Wagner, and Smetana
Thanks for your reply. I will try to get hold of these works (am somewhat familiar with The Moldau, but will relisten), and try to report back here. BTW, I should explain that I registered a kinship between The Swan of Tounela and Wagner's instrumental work, i.e. his operas minus the heavy voices. Perhaps that's no way to do him real justice, but I'm very fond of his music (and think of him as an truly path-breaking genius) but never enjoy listening to his heros' voices, which I find quite straining.
comment How Can I Replicate The Sound Of An Instrument?
After the piano, try replicating say Elisabeth Schwarzkopf's voice when she things an A. Parameters could be age, 3D-model of her upper body, whether she enjoyed her breakfast that day, (whether the listener enjoyed his breakfast that day) ... You see: perhaps can't be done (plus leave some room for magic :)
comment Can people really sight-read advanced pieces?
I know a wise elder person (medical doctor by training) who reads symphony scores for pleasure, and he is not the pretentious kind. So yes, I think some people can.