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I am a guitarist and guitar teacher from a small village in North Yorkshire. I have been playing for nearly thirty years and teaching for almost 20 years. I started playing when I was very young and developed a fascination for the guitar which remains to this day as well as a keen interest in music theory. You never stop learning. After leaving school I went to music school for three years and then worked as a pro guitarist mostly doing contract work. Nowadays I teach privately, spend time building my website, www.smguitars.co.uk , and play in a band. Away from the guitar I enjoy the beautiful game of rugby union and looking up at the stars.

comment What is “classical” guitar?
If you head over to Justin Guitar abd look up the folk fingerstyle lessons these should get your basic technique going. He also has some cool fingerstyle pieces to learn justinguitar.com/en/TE-021-FolkFingerstyle1.php
comment Advance Plucking Lessons
If you want Internet lessons I reckon Justinguitar & Jamplay are the best, there are also some Tommy Emmanuell lesson but not many on you tube. But for home study Like I said The Acoustic Guitar Bible is the one. Check out the author Eric Roche on Youtube a brilliant guitar player and teacher.
comment Can E/G# be played like this?
The E on the left tells you it's an E major chord. The g# on the right tells you to put a g# in the bass (lowest note) . To figure out what notes chords are made of you will need to learn about intervals and chord construction. I have a beginners theory guide on my site which I am currently writing. Intervals and chord construction should be up this week.