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comment Feasibility of practising music for a person who are almost tone deaf?
Without getting too controversial, there is very little difference between "absolute pitch" and deep training. Perhaps your problem is that you hang around with people who make you feel inferior. Identifying arbitrary notes has little to do with the act of playing music in much the same way as identifying positions has little to do with love making. Certainly study can be fruitful in both domains, but experience trumps all.
comment Worth it to restore an old electric guitar?
Note there may be corrosion on contacts inside the knobs and switches which can be worked off by merely using some contact cleaner and actuating them repetitively.
answered How can I force LilyPond to repeat a chord symbol (relates to alternate endings)?
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comment How to know whether my guitar is the problem or I am the problem
There are plenty of good answers here already, but I had a problem similar in that certain notes (open A especially) would cause buzz. It was a piece of the "kerfing strip" which I corrected by applying some thin glue with a paintbrush. I also had a problem on an old guitar where the adhesive on the manufacturer's label (inside the guitar) had dried up and the label was moving.
comment How to play chords on full fingerboard without looking?
Many of the answers are interesting, but the reality is that expert ability is fluid and unconscious. The hard truth is that it takes time, repetition, and practice; and if you stop doing what it is you are training for, you begin to lose what you had. Note that there is some evidence that suggests that moving too quickly to automaticity can be harmful to acquiring deeper skills, so practice your scales. Note also that automaticity can be broken by focusing attention, so the more you focus the less flow you have. None of this is exclusive to music.
comment Stopping high E string from muting by palm when using thumb to frett
I agree with this. People often forget that Jimi Hendrix was a big thin guy with big thin hands, and a Strat has a thin neck. Jimi could fret the top TWO strings with his thumb. This is unusual. If th OP has smaller hands and is using e.g. a gibson, then thumb use becomes much harder depending on what other notes are required.
comment Amplifier has no aux in, what alternatives can I use?
I think it should be stressed that the music player will sound horrible coming out of the amp, especially with the gain/distortion dialed up.
comment Howto: Electric Bass Guitar - Home Recording
You are welcome. I suggested the software because it will help you identify where to start when purchasing hardware and it is a free introduction to the terms and technology.
answered Is there a way to repair key on a digital piano?
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answered Howto: Electric Bass Guitar - Home Recording
comment What do the 2 “push/pull” knobs on my guitar do?
I think coil-tap is the correct answer especially in light of the humbucking pickups. However, I have an old Yamaha with 2 single coil pickups that has a shared push/pull tone pot which makes the tone "brighter" (they have separate volume, and an 3-position toggle for mix)
comment Can you use any footswitch on any amplifier?
Note that the lights are powered by the amp, so it is not a just a simple switch.
comment Why is the whammy bar sometimes called a “Tremolo” arm?
Fender may actually be the cause of the confusion: they introduced a "vibrato unit" which created a tremolo effect, and a "tremolo bar" which is a vibrato arm.
comment How to prevent high pitch feedback when palm muting
maybe just try turning your body as well: it may be possible to shield the guitar enough to reduce the feedback. Put the guitar on the lee side of the Metal Storm.
comment seymour duncan phase
@CaseyJones: IIRC there is info on the SD website about "splitting a humbucker" aka coil split or coil tap. From the answer, it sounds like your guitar's wiring already deals with this, but it is possible to add a toggle. I added one to an (HSS) Strat. Took about 3 mins.
comment “Dull” sound when recording dry audio from an Ibanez S series, not caused by old strings?
In my opinion (and depending on how light a pick you use), a heavier pick can increase "brightness" to some extent. Probably not the whole picture.
comment Guitar's individual bridge saddle intonation cannot be adjusted further
you probably should have all the strings on and tuned up while doing intonation. The answers mention the tremolo but are not explicit: if your tremolo is a little slack and leans towards the nut, this will affect the range of adjustment.
answered How to modify Trace-Elliot Velocette amp to make it more suitable for use with bass?