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comment Learning the piano strictly by learning chords…and saving scales and complex fingerings for later…
The newest versions of GarageBand for Mac (not the iPad version) include video lessons for piano and guitar. To a certain extent, the emphasis in the piano lessons is slightly towards chords. Especially in the "master class" segments of learning to play pop songs from the artists themselves.
comment The tonal function of a bar in minuet by krieger
You are correct as to the chords inferred, assuming you want to count the last beat of the sixth measure and the first beat of the second measure merely as passing tones, but I regret that I don't know of a name for the prolonged dominant seventh trill here.
comment Yamaha vs Casio digital piano - is there an objective comparison?
Do you have a particular price range in mind? Do you have specific products of each brand that you wish to compare?
comment What's so special about III ?
In the "Common Practice Period", when major keys are concerned, iii generally leads into ii6, IV, V, or vi, and is lead into itself by either I or vi. In minor keys of the period, this is when iii is replaced with III, which leads similarly, except not to V, and to VI instead of vi. III is also commonly led into by not only i and VI, but also VII.