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comment Key signature in tab books
Thanks, But thats a lot of work for this tune. Someone might be able to answer it without that.
comment Why is it that some days I can transcribe notes and some days I cannot?
thanks aparente001 , Yes it was a good answer, I have been a wanna be musician for 30 years. I try to sing the notes but unless I have the headphones on and can get them vibrating in my head, I usually miss the notes if I try to do solphege. My voice is really really bad. I try to hum and I also try to do "la". My minds ear is not that great. It only connects well when I am actually listening to something. Then I can come up in my mind some riffs to play. The whole thing of hearing music in your head has baffled me forever.I have the time now to take it seriously.
comment Music in your head
You missed the point....I'm talking about when no music is playing. They can be sitting in a quiet room. And a song they know plays in their head as clear as the real thing.