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Top new questions this week:

What does play with feeling mean?

When I used to take music exams I'd pass them but it often says "could have played with more feeling". Now, I played all the notes in the right order. Made them louder when it says ff. And quieter ...

asked by zooby 24 votes
answered by topo Reinstate Monica 44 votes

How to play proper time when another instrument is playing out of time?

As a drummer, I'm expected to provide a metronome-like precision and a foundation to a band. When playing in a band and having an instrument (i.e. guitar) which doesn't play in time correctly or is ...

asked by Alen Siljak 12 votes
answered by piiperi 10 votes

Perfect pitch on only one instrument?

So I was wondering if, theoretically, it would be possible to have perfect pitch only on one instrument. For a bit of background, I grew up as a Suzuki cello student and thus have been playing the ...

string-instruments pitch relative-pitch absolute-pitch  
asked by Ibex 11 votes
answered by awe lotta 16 votes

Why is there so much dispute about how ornaments are supposed to be played in classical music?

It seems like almost every piece with an ornament has some argument as to how it is supposed to be played. For example, in my Alfred's edition of Fantaisie-impromptu, the footnote claims that the ...

piano ornaments  
asked by izhang 10 votes
answered by Basstickler 14 votes

What's the best way for guitar and piano to play together in a jazz quartet?

Guitar and piano are both used for chordal accompaniment in a jazz band. So I wanted to find out what's the "best" approach to have this two instruments playing together in a jazz ensemble (quartet) ...

guitar piano jazz band accompaniment  
asked by Phemelo Khetho 9 votes
answered by ggcg 4 votes

Can the treble clef be used instead of the bass clef in piano music?

I have been learning the piano for a few months now and I am having trouble learning the bass clef. I have played other instruments that use the treble clef so I know it well. Can the bass clef be ...

piano sheet-music clefs  
asked by Brian Kalski 9 votes
answered by Michael Curtis 10 votes

Was equal temperament caused by the invention of the piano, or was it inevitable?

Historically, which key a piece of music was written in made a big difference. Toccata and Fugue in D minor for instance had to be played in that key or it wouldn't sound right. But over the last ...

intonation temperament just-intonation  
asked by Ray Butterworth 8 votes
answered by guest 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the correct process for deriving the 'mirror' or 'negative' harmony of a progression?

I recently stumbled upon the concept of negative harmony in these threads: ...

theory harmony negative-harmony  
asked by blueskiwi 9 votes
answered by Richard 12 votes

How does one set up a guitar amplifier to produce a rock sound/feel?

I have trouble figuring out my guitar amplifier's equalizer settings, how does one know what the different knobs (bass, treble, mid, overdrive) do to derive a desired rock sound/feel?

electric-guitar amplifiers rock  
asked by Nick 5 votes
answered by Dave Jacoby 10 votes

Why do some artists tune their guitars half a step or whole step down?

Is there a reason some guitarists tune down half or whole steps, other than preference or style? It bugs me sometimes when I would like to play along with a song only to find that it's played down ...

guitar tuning alternative-tunings  
asked by Jasarien 31 votes
answered by Bella 34 votes

What is the relationship between "do re mi" and note letter names?

When the people sing the song, we use do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, si, ect, but some time I hear that the music people say A, B, C, C flat, ect. Is their relationship or are they two different ...

theory notation terminology solfege  
asked by Ted Wong 63 votes
answered by slim 64 votes

How can I safely extend my vocal range?

What type of vocal exercises should I be looking for? Are there any temporary influences to the vocal range, like having had a drink?

voice vocal-range health  
asked by Tamara Wijsman 32 votes
answered by Edgar Gonzalez 27 votes

Standard guitar string gauge?

I was reading this article: And partway down, it states: An intonation adjustment is usually only ...

guitar string-gauge  
asked by tarun 7 votes
answered by Tim 5 votes

How do I know when it's time to change a tube on my amplifier?

I think this would be a wonderfully instructive question to people who are new to tube amplifiers. In short, how do I know that it's time to change a tube, and what's a good strategy for figuring out ...

maintenance amplifiers electronics vacuum-tube  
asked by Jduv 31 votes
answered by Bella 16 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Composing for mezzo-soprano

I'm composing for a competition that is for a string quartet but also has a requirement for a mezzo-soprano. I have very little experience with singers but I'm aware that the range is A3 - A5. Are ...

voice composition  
asked by timbo 1 vote
answered by Laurence Payne 0 votes

What is the finger position of this tab?

I don't know how to mute the first string using my left hand. I looked at a video on youtube. It looks like the guy doesn't use fret 11 at all. Why? Sorry I don't know too much music theory. ...

guitar chords electric-guitar  
asked by K.Miao 1 vote
answered by ggcg 0 votes

Diatonic Minor Harmonicas?

Played the other night with a harp player who mentioned harps that he had in minor keys. Sadly, never had chance to hear them used. Since there are different notes involved in minor keys, which would ...

asked by Tim 3 votes
answered by NickGrooves 0 votes
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