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Top new questions this week:

Should I practise a piece at a metronome tempo that is faster than required?

I am preparing to record a jazz instrumental piece with some friends in a few months time at a small recording studio. The sheet music for the composed section indicates the BPM, and we have agreed to ...

guitar practice tempo  
user avatar asked by user643722 Score of 8
user avatar answered by guidot Score of 16

Do sus24 chords exist?

I am analyzing the song "There's a World" from Next to Normal and the first chord is confusing me. Here is an image from this source: The first chord is labeled as a Gsus24 chord which I ...

chords chord-theory analysis  
user avatar asked by Dylan Levine Score of 7
user avatar answered by Aaron Score of 4

Is parallel motion between the melody and one " inner voice" within the accompaniment considered bad voice leading?

Here is Mozart's K545. The melody goes from A to G at the change of harmony twice and the accompaniment does the same. Is this bad voice leading? Or rather: Why is this NOT faulty voice leading? Is it ...

user avatar asked by armani Score of 7
user avatar answered by Lazy Score of 5

Is that a period or sentence

Hi i'm trying to write my first minuet so i'm analyzing mozart early ones . Here from measure 1 to 4 it seems like it's a sentence because the continuation part is not strictly immitated as in period (...

harmony composition analysis classical-music musical-forms  
user avatar asked by user98606 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Aaron Score of 3

Seeking a classification of Bach's preludes (WTC, "little", "great", ...)

I know JS Bach's Well-Tempered Claviers (Books I & II) very well — on account of obsessively listening to one song at a time for hours on end. (See picture below.) Lately I've noticed that (JS) ...

piano j-s-bach fugue  
user avatar asked by Sam7919 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Michael Curtis Score of 3

Can you perform harmonics on wine glasses?

Playing harmonics on a stringed instrument is an acknowledged technique which involves placing a finger at a certain point on the string to damp a node that would otherwise sound. Is there a ...

technique acoustics  
user avatar asked by Brian THOMAS Score of 4
user avatar answered by Tom Score of 4

Why do trombones often play differently?

I am not sure if my observation is correct, but more often than not, I have seen in various videos that trombones are playing different parts when they presumably are supposed to play the same thing. ...

user avatar asked by brilliant Score of 3
user avatar answered by Edward Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does 3/4 time signature differ from 6/8?

I've always wondered how time signatures were thought of- I got the question because I noticed that well in terms of 'fractions', 3/4 is just half of 6/8. Does that apply to music when counting beats ...

user avatar asked by Nick Score of 55
user avatar answered by Chochos Score of 37

What are the disadvantages of buying a short-scale bass guitar

I'm considering buying my first bass. I already play guitar, and find that even though I'm an adult, stretching to a fifth is a struggle -- so handling a bass with its more widely spaced frets is ...

user avatar asked by slim Score of 24
user avatar answered by leftaroundabout Score of 18

What does a small x-like symbol before a note mean?

I've been playing piano by ear for a long time and now I am trying to learn the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata. I am a little confused about the meaning of a little cross placed right before a ...

piano notation sheet-music accidentals  
user avatar asked by Patrick Da Silva Score of 52
user avatar answered by Babu Score of 60

(Tempo) Dotted minim/half note = c. 60 meaning

What does a dotted minim/half note =c.60 mean? What does the c mean? And how much BPM is this?

user avatar asked by user46792 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Shannon Duncan Score of 3

What is the definition of 'playing in the pocket'?

The phrase 'playing in the pocket' is used sometimes, in jazz, hip hop, funk etc. It sometimes refers to the way a drummer plays, sometimes to how an ensemble works together. I've Googled the term, ...

technique terminology  
user avatar asked by Tim Score of 39
user avatar answered by 02fentym Score of 19

What notes to sing with chords

Ok, lets say you are playing a guitar and you have a song with 4 chords ( C D Am and F ). Should I sing the C note for C chord and D note for D chord and A note for Am and F note for F chord ? Or ...

voice composition melody songwriting  
user avatar asked by user19282 Score of 5
user avatar answered by 8odoros Score of 8

How to extend and strengthen low end of vocal range? (I need about a whole tone extra.)

There are a bunch of songs that I'd like to sing that sit just under my vocal range (the low E of the guitar range, or the D under it). I can reach these notes with some effort, but it feels forced ...

voice vocal-range  
user avatar asked by Tikitu Score of 27
user avatar answered by awe Score of 12
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