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Top new questions this week:

How do orchestras synchronize bow movement?

The last few times I've been to see the orchestra, I've noticed that the bow movements of all the strings are synchronized. I've been in bands and choirs before but never a group with strings, so this ...

orchestra orchestral-strings bowing  
asked by David K Score of 16
answered by PiedPiper Score of 25

Why is MIDI gain based on a factor of 40?

Many documents state that the MIDI standard gain is 40 * log10(CC7/127). I've found only one person asking why, with no replies. This document says that voltage (amplitude) gain is a factor of 20, not ...

asked by Anonymous Score of 12
answered by Todd Wilcox Score of 10

Norwegian Wood, no consensus of rhythm and feel?

I have seen many different song sheets for the Beatles Song Norwegian Wood using time signatures of 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8. My question is, why are they all different, why is there no consensus? What I ...

time-signatures interpretation expression  
asked by Jürgen Score of 6
answered by Michael Curtis Score of 10

Get the current time signature numerator/denominator

I'm transcribing a piece with extremely frequent time changes. Some parts have a lot of full-measure rests. I'm trying to define a function that produces a full-measure rest based on the current time ...

asked by Thom Smith Score of 5
answered by ABOU SAMRA Jean Score of 4

How can I create a tie or slur that goes to nothing in MuseScore 3 (let ring notation)?

I am transcribing the string bass part from a piece we are playing in Concert Band. It has numerous "let ring" notes, pizzicato with ties or slurs going to open space. How can I do this in ...

notation musescore pizzicato  
asked by William Brohinsky Score of 4
answered by Elements in Space Score of 4

How or What to Practice to Get Consistent?

This might seem like a strange question. I've read a lot of books about deliberate practice and the history of music pedagogy, and I'm still a bit puzzled by this: How do I get more consistent? For ...

guitar technique practice fingering fingerstyle-guitar  
asked by user3050028 Score of 4
answered by Tim Score of 3

Keyboard fingering: jumps vs spread fingers

In short and in general, my question is: When choosing the best fingering, is it better to add more jumps to avoid fingers spreading, or spread fingers to reduce amount of jumps? There are particular ...

piano fingering keyboard  
asked by AlexandrX Score of 4
answered by Aaron Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why shouldn't I put electric guitar strings on my acoustic guitar?

I've always found even the lightest acoustic (bronze) guitar strings to be a bit too heavy to play comfortably. Electric (nickel) guitar strings tend to be lighter. But nobody uses electric strings on ...

guitar strings  
asked by jrb Score of 39
answered by KeithS Score of 40

Is there a difference between 2/4 and 4/4

I cannot figure out the actual difference between these two beats. Isn't it sufficient to have only 2/4 (or 4/4 )?

time-signatures beats  
asked by DinushanM Score of 42
answered by slim Score of 50

Why do some artists tune their guitars half a step or whole step down?

Is there a reason some guitarists tune down half or whole steps, other than preference or style? It bugs me sometimes when I would like to play along with a song only to find that it's played down ...

guitar tuning alternative-tunings  
asked by Jasarien Score of 33
answered by Bella Score of 34

How do you draw a quarter rest with a pen/pencil?

It seems to me that the quarter rest we see everywhere was drawn with a calligraphy pen. I don't have one of those - I have a sharpened/mechanical pencil or a ball-point pen. So usually when I try to ...

notation sheet-music  
asked by Ricket Score of 75
answered by mplungjan Score of 70

How much does an electric guitar's body physics affect the tone, playability, etc?

It makes sense to me based on having some knowledge of physics that on an acoustic guitar the body (and neck, bridge, etc) materials and design has a huge effect on what the guitar sounds like. But ...

asked by themirror Score of 19
answered by Hilmar Score of 19

How to tell the time signature of a song by listening?

Every song has some kind of time signature; even if different parts of the song have different time signatures, there is always a time signature. When learning a song by ear and no score, knowing the ...

theory rhythm time-signatures transcription  
asked by Dom Score of 35
answered by GavinH Score of 39

What do the terms E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4 actually mean?

I am attempting to learn guitar, and I keep coming across this notation in various apps that I've downloaded. I know that E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4 are something to do with tuning, but I'm not exactly sure ...

guitar notation tuning  
asked by Rory Becker Score of 23
answered by Shevliaskovic Score of 24

Can you answer these questions?

Logic Pro X : Select all the notes above a specific (reference) note

In Logic Pro X when you are editing in Piano Roll if you need to select all the notes following a specific (reference) note, you can do it by using the key command shift+F and shift+uparrow is used to ...

midi daw logic-pro  
asked by Lyric Roy Score of 2

Is Fixed Do automatically learned when you learn Movable Do Solfege, but not the other way around?

From what I understand, for example, if I perceive the Tonic note as "C" instead of "G" in a G major song such that I would sing "Do" on the note "C" instead of ...

ear-training solfege  
asked by John Lok Score of 2
answered by ibonyun Score of 0

Harmonic analysis of J.S. Bach's Prelude in Cm (BWV 847)

I sometimes try to analyze the harmony of a Bach prelude to understand how chords change, and how he manages to shift from one key to another. Here is the prelude in Cm BWV 847 (source image, MP3 here)...

harmony analysis j-s-bach  
asked by Basj Score of 2
answered by Aaron Score of 0
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