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Does the key a piece is written in affect playability for piano?

Key signatures and reading sheet music aside, does the key a piece is written in affect the ease with which it can be played on piano? For example, are any keys known for more difficult or awkward ...

piano key beginner  
user avatar asked by hb20007 Score of 12
user avatar answered by Tim Score of 13

Is there a reason why Clementi didn't suggest a change of finger for repeating notes? (Sonatina Op. 36 No. 2)

I just began to learn Clementi Sonatina Op. 36 No. 2. The edition I have (ed. by W. Palmer) shows Clementi's original fingering suggestions. For many repeating notes there was no change of finger (see ...

piano fingering  
user avatar asked by GrandAdagio Score of 7
user avatar answered by Aaron Score of 5

What is the function of this slash chord in a Swedish Traditional song?

In the score "Du großer Gott, wenn ich die Welt betrachte" (Traditional song from Sweden, Arrangement by Jürgen Glenk, Kreative Klavierbegleitung, p. 113) I found the following chord ...

user avatar asked by AGuyCalledGerald Score of 6
user avatar answered by Michael Curtis Score of 8

What is the best way to notate/convey this ornament?

I'm currently writing a piece of music (solo piano) which has a certain ornament. This is the way that I want it to be played: It would be really nice if I could notate it something like the ...

piano notation composition musescore ornaments  
user avatar asked by Josh M Score of 6
user avatar answered by Aaron Score of 6

Should the last chord before the last four chords be fortissimo in Chopin Op. 10, No. 12?

I'm learning Revolutionary Etude by Chopin (Op. 10, No. 12), and I am thinking about the last chord before the last four chords (fifth to the last chord, at the beginning of m. 81). Should it be ...

sheet-music classical-music dynamics chopin  
user avatar asked by Ethan Chan Score of 5
user avatar answered by Aaron Score of 6

In JS Bach's lifetime who listened to any of his organ preludes and fugues and when?

The related thread from Feb. 1, 2021 initiated by Aaron (Who was listening to Bach's compositions in his lifetime?) was informative, but I have a more precise question. Who heard Bach's preludes and ...

history j-s-bach  
user avatar asked by Charles Packer Score of 5
user avatar answered by Aaron Score of 11

Post-concert routine for soloists?

I'm curious about what happens when a soloist walks off stage after a performance. Where do they go? Where does the conductor go? Everything backstage is a mystery for me.

classical-music performing solos  
user avatar asked by Allison Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to convert a dotted quarter note tempo to BPM?

I've got a tempo expressed as "one dotted quarter note = 100" and I want to convert this to BPM. I'm thinking it should be 150 BPM, but I'm not sure. Could someone confirm this?

user avatar asked by laurent Score of 12
user avatar answered by Félix Gagnon-Grenier Score of 18

Is there a "standard" or "typical" drum kit layout?

I am dipping my toes in the water of getting a "real" drum kit -- by drumming standards, it's still pretty crap since it's (basically) the Alesis DM6 entry level electronic drum kit. But one thing I ...

user avatar asked by Jeff Atwood Score of 58
user avatar answered by DEfusion Score of 26

What are the advantages of WAV vs. MP3?

Being an electronic music producer, file format is something I have to consider at some point. I usually export my songs as .wavs and then convert them to .mp3s later (since they are smaller than ....

recording sound electronic-music dj production  
user avatar asked by manejar Score of 24
user avatar answered by paul Score of 13

Piano music with two treble clefs, and notes between staves

I do not understand why there are two treble cleff staves and why there are music notes in the middle of the two staves. Which hand should I play those notes with and why are there two treble cleff ...

theory piano technique notation sheet-music  
user avatar asked by Sheela Score of 16
user avatar answered by Dave Score of 27

How does one describe the melody of a song?

I'm in a music appreciation class. I have to write a paper describing the various elements of two songs. By the time I get a reply, it will be too late, but I still really want to learn this as well ...

user avatar asked by Melanie Shebel Score of 2
user avatar answered by Phil Freihofner Score of 3

Why is a C7 chord named a dominant seventh chord?

I understand that a C7 chord contains a flattened 7th note in the C major scale, but what specifically makes this a dominant 7th chord? To me there is nothing 'dominant' about taking a note out of ...

chords scales terminology  
user avatar asked by jaffa Score of 50
user avatar answered by slim Score of 43

How do you convert a major song to a minor and vice versa?

On YouTube there are a load of videos where songs have had their keys switched from major to minor and vice versa. For example, YMCA which has been edited to a minor key: ...

theory key audio-editing  
user avatar asked by Beta Decay Score of 14
user avatar answered by iPhoenix Score of 12

Can you answer these questions?

Repair A Pearl Export Series Snare Strainer

I am struggling with a Pearl snare strainer (identical to the one mentioned in a question asked in Aug 2006! And that is how I got here). Someone handed me down the drum kit and there were not one but ...

repair snare-drum  
user avatar asked by Sophie Lair-Berreby Score of 1

How to synchronize Boss Looper pedal (RC-5) tempo with external drum machine (Korg Volca)?

As a test case, I am trying to synchronize the tempo of the RC-5 Looper pedal to a Korg Volca drum machine. I tried two different ways with a TRS cable: Korg Volca SYNC out --> RC-5 MIDI in No ...

tempo looping looper-pedals korg drum-machine  
user avatar asked by interpolack Score of 1

Boss RC-5: How to make all recordings conform to a single measure?

I'm using the Boss RC-5, but this question is likely applicable to other looper pedals too. I would like to record an input to the looper for an arbitrary period of time (shorter or longer than 1 ...

looping looper-pedals  
user avatar asked by interpolack Score of 3
user avatar answered by Flyswat Score of 0
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