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Top new questions this week:

Why didn't Bach sign his manuscripts?

From what I can tell when looking up images of Bach's manuscripts, he often didn't sign them. Is there any specific reason for this?

sheet-music j-s-bach  
asked by Pabble Goobs 17 votes
answered by phoog 32 votes

Why is The Star-Spangled Banner said to be in key of F instead of C?

Just learning music theory. The Star-Spangled Banner, This piece is written in Key of F with one ...

asked by Steve H 11 votes
answered by Alan 9 votes

How is this dissonant harp sound achieved?

In "L’Impatiente de Balfour" for viola and harp by Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber, there are some harp notes that sound somehow dissonant and metallic, almost like a prepared piano. In this video ...

technique harmonics harp modern-music palm-muting  
asked by All Ears 10 votes
answered by Michael Seifert 10 votes

"Nothing Else Matters" measure contains too many notes for 6/8 time signature

How is this a 6/8? The notes can’t fit The measure comes from Metallica "Nothing Else Matters" guitar solo.

sheet-music rhythm  
asked by sww 9 votes
answered by piiperi Reinstate Monica 10 votes

What do you call a very brief change of key

When the key changes for a longer period and a new tonic is firmly established, we call it modulation. However, what do we call a very brief change of at most several measures, when harmony from ...

theory harmony terminology  
asked by user1079505 7 votes
answered by Aaron 8 votes

How do you set the number of measures per line or page in LilyPond / Frescobaldi when you have a score with multiple instruments?

As I am doing an arranging project, I was wondering how to set the number of measures per line and therefore page as it is a score with a rhythm section and five horns. I have seen these pages (line ...

notation sheet-music lilypond engraving lead-sheets  
asked by Guest Poster 6 votes
answered by Ramillies 4 votes

Theoretical difference between amp distortion and distortion from a pedal

For the last few months I have been playing electric guitar on a small 5W tube amp with a nice saturated gain channel. This past weekend I picked up a Big Muff Pi pedal, which I believe is classified ...

electric-guitar amplifiers effects-pedal distortion  
asked by Jason P Sallinger 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does a small x-like symbol before a note mean?

I've been playing piano by ear for a long time and now I am trying to learn the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata. I am a little confused about the meaning of a little cross placed right before a ...

piano notation sheet-music accidentals  
asked by Patrick Da Silva 41 votes
answered by Babu 47 votes

What are the disadvantages of buying a short-scale bass guitar

I'm considering buying my first bass. I already play guitar, and find that even though I'm an adult, stretching to a fifth is a struggle -- so handling a bass with its more widely spaced frets is ...

asked by slim 24 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 18 votes

How do I practice harmonizing in singing?

I'm not good at singing harmonies. In my mind to harmonize, you can just sing an alternate melody and that usually sounds good with the main melody. I don't think to myself that I have to sing a 5th (...

voice harmony  
asked by milesmeow 18 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 19 votes

Can I plug my amp directly into my audio interface?

Could anyone tell me, can I plug my guitar amp directly into my audio interface (with the "line out")? On some forums people say that you can't , on others people say you can... If it's possible, is ...

guitar amplifiers  
asked by user12630 11 votes
answered by Mr Shunz 9 votes

Why do I yawn while singing?

Singing almost always make me yawn. I've heard this is due to not breathing correctly, but I'm not sure what that means. What's the correct way to breathe while singing so I don't yawn?

voice breathing  
asked by BenV 44 votes
answered by Doktor Mayhem 21 votes

Why is a C7 chord named a dominant seventh chord?

I understand that a C7 chord contains a flattened 7th note in the C major scale, but what specifically makes this a dominant 7th chord? To me there is nothing 'dominant' about taking a note out of ...

chords scales terminology  
asked by jaffa 47 votes
answered by slim 42 votes

Is there any real-world difference between time signatures such as 4/4 and 8/8?

These days I pretty much play everything by ear, but was originally trained in strathspey and reel violin so realise I should know the answer to this, but I can't remember what, if any, the practical ...

asked by Doktor Mayhem 103 votes
answered by Alex Basson 118 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Four part Writing: When must a perfect fourth be resolved?

A bit confused at the moment regarding when a perfect fourth is classed as a consonance, and when it is classed as a dissonance. I have read here on Stack Exchange, that perfect fourth intervals are ...

harmony analysis counterpoint consonance-and-dissonance  
asked by EdB123 2 votes
answered by ttw 0 votes

what are the sizes of the ocarinas

I have been trying to find the sizes for every ocarina (1C to 7C), width and height of the chamber .The only one I can find was because a youtube video. I am asking this because I want make my own ...

tuning instruments beginner ocarina  
asked by leontres 3 votes

Using Chapman Stick tunings in TuxGuitar

I'm trying to use TuxGuitar with a Chapman Stick, which, for those who don't know, is a 10-string instrument played with two-handed tapping and with a quite unusual tuning (see here:

alternative-tunings tuxguitar  
asked by eb303 4 votes
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