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Top new questions this week:

Chord progression where tonic chord does not appear at all

The song Weird Fishes (Arpeggi) by Radiohead has a chord progression which has been shared in a website and I believe it is more or less correct: Em7 F#m7 A A7 A6 Gmaj7 The song seems to be in ...

chord-progressions key  
asked by Aliostad 12 votes
answered by piiperi Reinstate Monica 11 votes

How much is convention when it comes to time signatures?

I know that in 3/4 you group eights by two and in 6/8 you group them by three. My question is simply, is this simply a convention or could I derive this from the time signature itself somehow? Or is ...

theory sheet-music rhythm time-signatures  
asked by klutt 11 votes
answered by phoog 14 votes

13 Chord Voicing Without Root, 3rd or 5th

I've been improvising over Hoagy Carmichael's Heart and Soul and I came across a chord voicing that seemed a little strange to me. As shown below, the C13 is voiced F-Bb-D-A, using the 7th, 9th, 11th ...

piano chords chord-theory jazz chord-voicings  
asked by WillRoss1 10 votes
answered by Dekkadeci 12 votes

Fermata tie confusion

Can someone help me understand what the circled notation is instructing in this simple piece by Markham Lee? Are the notes tied? I'm confused as how they can be tied and staccato at the same time.

piano sheet-music  
asked by MotherBrain 7 votes
answered by Dekkadeci 10 votes

Implied notes in a chord

Often, especially in jazz, and on guitar, the P5 of a chord can be omitted. In jazz, it's because there are sometimes quite a few other notes attached to particuar chords, on guitar it's because of ...

asked by Tim 6 votes
answered by Michael Curtis 5 votes

Can't seem to play this chord on fingerstyle

I've been trying to get my fingers to play this chord (you have to pluck all of them at once) but it's just not working out. My pinky doesn't reach all the way to the fourth fret when I put my ...

asked by user65342 6 votes
answered by MeanGreen 6 votes

How did Baroque music come to be associated with Christmas?

I was introducing Baroque music to a friend, and trying to make it less intimidating, I jokingly said, "You've heard this before, Christmas shopping at Macy's." My friend laughed, but I started to ...

asked by RobertSF 5 votes
answered by Steve Mansfield 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Guitar intonation issue - still flat but screw as far as it'll go

I am having a serious issue with my guitar and looking for some help. I recently had the guitar set up in a shop and in order to get the intonation right the guitar tech had to adjust some of the ...

guitar intonation setup  
asked by user1526802 5 votes
answered by KeithS 5 votes

Why shouldn't I put electric guitar strings on my acoustic guitar?

I've always found even the lightest acoustic (bronze) guitar strings to be a bit too heavy to play comfortably. Electric (nickel) guitar strings tend to be lighter. But nobody uses electric strings on ...

guitar strings  
asked by jrb 37 votes
answered by KeithS 38 votes

What does it mean to write a song in a certain key?

I have been searching for a while to try to correctly understand this. What exactly does it mean if for example a song is written in C Major? Does it mean the song's notes cannot contain any sharps ...

theory chords scales  
asked by jmasterx 42 votes
answered by slim 14 votes

Does 3/4 time signature differ from 6/8?

I've always wondered how time signatures were thought of- I got the question because I noticed that well in terms of 'fractions', 3/4 is just half of 6/8. Does that apply to music when counting beats ...

asked by Nick 44 votes
answered by Chochos 30 votes

What are the advantages of WAV vs. MP3?

Being an electronic music producer, file format is something I have to consider at some point. I usually export my songs as .wavs and then convert them to .mp3s later (since they are smaller than ...

recording sound electronic-music dj production  
asked by manejar 24 votes
answered by paul 13 votes

What is the difference between an amp and a head?

At the moment I currently only use a basic guitar amp, but a few of my friends have 'heads' on top of their amps. What is the purpose of these? What do they do that the amp doesn't do?

guitar amplifiers speakers  
asked by rich2165990 14 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 17 votes

Using keyboard/MIDI controller to learn piano

I'm an adult just starting to learn music from scratch. The piano I have been using is sometimes not available for me to use, so I would like to buy a keyboard/MIDI controller so I can practice ...

piano learning keyboard  
asked by ccb 32 votes
answered by slim 26 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Question regarding bass line

I'm very new to music theory so pardon me if its a very infantile question but I would like to learn. I've been playing the piano and while just playing around I started playing E D# C# B A G# F# B# E ...

piano melody  
asked by mcquestions 2 votes
answered by Richard 0 votes

What does affect the recognition of melodies, rhythms, and chords?

I am looking for studies or meta-studies in which it has been systematically explored how two presented pieces of music (two rhythms, two melodies, two chords) may deviate such that test persons do ...

theory psychoacoustics perception  
asked by Hans-Peter Stricker 1 vote

The discriminating power of experienced listeners

Consider a choir of n singers who sing the same tune in almost perfect unison. When asked how many singers they do hear, test persons may say: don't know more than 3, 5, 10, ... 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ...

voice ear-training tone frequency psychoacoustics  
asked by Hans-Peter Stricker 1 vote
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