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Top new questions this week:

How do I write hairpins and dynamics between staves in LilyPond?

Here's a minimal example of the sort of result I want to produce in LilyPond. (This was produced in Finale.) Notice that the crescendo-stop, f, and decrescendo-start align with a note in the bottom ...

lilypond engraving dynamics  
asked by Victor 9 votes
answered by Richard 8 votes

How to notate an arpeggio that anticipates the beat

The last chord of a piece of music I wrote has an arpeggio in the right hand and not in the left. I want the top note in the right chord to fall on the beat so that it matches with the chord in the ...

piano notation arpeggios  
asked by Timothy Smith 8 votes
answered by Aaron 12 votes

Numbers above the notes on a music sheet

I am wondering what the numbers above the notes (1 up to 16) on the second line seen in the picture mean ? In other words, how should one play these notes? It is an excerpt from Sympthony No 9 from ...

theory violin  
asked by ivo 7 votes
answered by Aaron 11 votes

Trouble double tonguing on trumpet

I am a "come-back" trumpet player. Consider being Intermediate level. Have a Yamaha YTR 3335 Trumpet. I try to warm-up and practice daily for 1 hour. I have been concentrating on Single and ...

technique practice trumpet tonguing  
asked by Edwin Michael Oldham 7 votes
answered by Aaron 6 votes

Violin intonation base note

I read that the violin can be tuned to perfect fifths so I was thinking of tuning my violin to G3=195.55Hz, D4=293.33Hz, A4=440Hz, E5=660Hz. But I don't understand what it means to play single stops ...

asked by Emil 7 votes
answered by phoog 8 votes

When you specify an EDO (Equal Divisions per Octave) value, is it always a whole number?

We're used to 12 EDO or maybe 19. But would it make sense to have a fractional value, say 12.5 EDO?

asked by Brian THOMAS 6 votes
answered by Aaron 10 votes

How to calculate notes beats and properly draw notes beams?

I am fairly new to music theory and i find these 2 topics related but not explained in depth in...pretty much every resource i have found. How are beats normally calculated? I went through the ...

theory notation rhythm beaming  
asked by Flonne 5 votes
answered by Andy Bonner 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What notes on the piano do the Ukulele strings equate to?

If you highlighted the 4 strings of the Ukulele (default tuning) to notes on the piano, where would they come in relation to middle C?

piano tuning ukulele  
asked by Chris S 11 votes
answered by ogerard 19 votes

What are the benefits of guitars with fanned frets?

I've seen fanned frets on some extended-ranged classical and electric guitars. What are the benefits of guitars with fanned frets? Are there any drawbacks?

electric-guitar classical-guitar fretboard  
asked by brian 38 votes
answered by Doktor Mayhem 16 votes

Why does my thumb hurt when I play bar chords?

Certain chords cause my thumb to be sore. How can I play in a way to prevent this?

guitar technique chords health  
asked by gak 26 votes
answered by Pif 23 votes

What notes to sing with chords

Ok, lets say you are playing a guitar and you have a song with 4 chords ( C D Am and F ). Should I sing the C note for C chord and D note for D chord and A note for Am and F note for F chord ? Or ...

voice composition melody songwriting  
asked by user19282 3 votes

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano - Can it be made MIDI compatible?

I'm using a Yamaha P45 digital piano. This digital piano does not send MIDI signals despite having a MIDI port. Is there a way possible by which we can make this keyboard capable of sending MIDI ...

midi digital-piano midi-controller-keyboard  
asked by Harshit Sharma 4 votes
answered by Todd Wilcox 6 votes

How high from the ground should the keyboard from a piano be?

When installing a digital piano, I have the freedom of vertically placing the entire piano at any height I want. But, I want to know what the ideal (preferred) height is. Is there a standard height?

piano digital-piano  
asked by Kriem 36 votes
answered by buildsucceeded 16 votes

What is the difference between a riff and a lick?

That's it. I was wondering what is the difference between a riff and a lick. The Wikipedia page for lick is somewhat confusing-- what do you think?

asked by F.C. 40 votes
answered by Alex Basson 45 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can't find in Lilypond docs - how to place notes in a chord?

How do I tell Lilypond which side of a stem I want individual chord tones on? With a simple chord in single angle brackets, like <e g b> <e a c>, the note heads all go to the left (default)...

lilypond engraving  
asked by KFW 2 votes
answered by TiagoPC 0 votes

What are the mechanics behind singing a "split note"?

I'm interested in the mechanics behind producing a certain vocal sound. You can hear it clearly in the vocal track for "Smells Like Teen Spirit", on the word "well", as well as &...

voice physiology  
asked by Edward 4 votes
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