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Top new questions this week:

Are there pieces that require retuning an instrument mid-performance?

Are there any musical pieces that call for the musician to detune/retune the instrument, not in advance like a scordatura, but mid-performance? I think it would be a neat avant-garde concept—for ...

technique tuning  
asked by user3932000 25 votes
answered by ttw 25 votes

Why are drums considered non pitched instruments?

Aren't the different parts of it having a different pitch? Can't this be used to play a melody?

drums pitch  
asked by randomlad 9 votes
answered by Nuclear Hoagie 20 votes

How fragile or durable are condenser microphones?

I am planning on purchasing a condenser microphone to record acoustic guitar (AKG Perception 420) but I also plan on travelling via plane with it in the future so I was wondering, how fragile are they?...

asked by Shahzad Rahim 9 votes
answered by Tetsujin 13 votes

Best practice for notating harmonic: quarter vs. half note?

Typically, an "open diamond" notehead is used to indicate a harmonic fingering. The image here is from an edition of the Cassado Cello Suite (1st mov't). It's clear from the overall ...

notation harmonics  
asked by Carl Witthoft 7 votes
answered by PiedPiper 10 votes

How can you tell what note someone is singing?

As someone who sings for fun, how do you guys tell what note someone is singing? The reason I'm asking this is because with an instrument, you can easily tell as long as you memorize that note; ...

asked by skyfox009 7 votes
answered by piiperi Reinstate Monica 10 votes

What is the difference between high impedance and low impedance microphones?

Everywhere on the internet I would people stating the differentiating factor of "power" and how high impedance mics require an audio interface but nowhere I find anything regarding "...

recording headphones  
asked by Shahzad Rahim 7 votes
answered by Tetsujin 9 votes

How do I count the syncopation in this example?

How do I count this example in syncopation? I am having a hard time understanding.

theory practice rhythm  
asked by Raymond Tyson 6 votes
answered by Richard 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Cleaning a tarnished flute

My flute is tarnished and needs to be cleaned... I was afraid if I polished it, I would break something on it. I read online that it's a bad idea to remove tarnish on a flute yourself as you can ruin ...

flute maintenance  
asked by Melanie Shebel 21 votes
answered by Michael 13 votes

What defines pop music as a genre? Which patterns and trends can we find in pop music?

Today, not all popular music is labeled as pop. To me it seems that pop has become a genre that can be defined by its musical patterns, techniques, and styles. Similar to rock, jazz, and classical ...

theory styles  
asked by user1079425 15 votes
answered by Doktor Mayhem 6 votes

What notes on the piano do the Ukulele strings equate to?

If you highlighted the 4 strings of the Ukulele (default tuning) to notes on the piano, where would they come in relation to middle C?

piano tuning ukulele  
asked by Chris S 10 votes
answered by ogerard 18 votes

How can I safely extend my vocal range?

What type of vocal exercises should I be looking for? Are there any temporary influences to the vocal range, like having had a drink?

voice vocal-range health  
asked by Tamara Wijsman 35 votes
answered by Edgar Gonzalez 31 votes

Why do I yawn while singing?

Singing almost always make me yawn. I've heard this is due to not breathing correctly, but I'm not sure what that means. What's the correct way to breathe while singing so I don't yawn?

voice breathing  
asked by BenV 44 votes
answered by Doktor Mayhem 21 votes

Why shouldn't I put electric guitar strings on my acoustic guitar?

I've always found even the lightest acoustic (bronze) guitar strings to be a bit too heavy to play comfortably. Electric (nickel) guitar strings tend to be lighter. But nobody uses electric strings on ...

guitar strings  
asked by jrb 38 votes
answered by KeithS 40 votes

How does string gauge affect a guitar's sound and playability?

Guitar strings are available in a variety of gauges. What effect does my choice of string gauge have on the sound of my guitar? What effect does it have on playability?

guitar strings  
asked by slim 25 votes
answered by slim 26 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Starting scales on piano

I’ve been playing the piano for about 5 years so scales have become a kind of second nature to me. I’m currently playing 3 and 4 notes per tick at 92 for my scales. But this year I have had trouble ...

piano scales  
asked by Paige 2 votes
answered by Albrecht Hügli 0 votes

Novation launchkey 61 mk2 + Linux? I can't connect HELP

Novation launchkey 61 mk2 + Linux ?? Maybe somebody has experience with its connecting ? I searched a lot in google, tried, but it's nothing worked. Keyboard isn't detected... Update: add input device ...

midi midi-controller-keyboard  
asked by virus_dmk 1 vote

Is there a theory of heptatonic scales with 1.5-step intervals?

I've been alternating between reading about music theory on Wikipedia and playing around with the scales that I've learned. The "modern Western modes" are defined systematically with their ...

scales modes intervals  
asked by Jim Pivarski 5 votes
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