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Music performance - finger dexterity with rest/exercise

I have recently discovered this problem where after several days of practice on keyboard, my fingers would get sore and tired and as a common sense would tell me, I would take rest. But after a few days of rest (2-3 days), my fingers do feel light, but they are so light, in fact, that I start making a lot of mistakes and my fingers seem to be uncontrollable and they fly everywhere all over the keyboard.

Are my fingers still tired? Or did they have too much rest? What the hell is going on? I am trying to understand this as this happened to me several times and because of this my progress has stalled for several months now and I have no idea what to do. I was wondering if anyone had this sensation in their fingers after rest period of 2-3 days. What should I do about it? Should I give it a few more days of rest? Should I exercise? And if you are wondering about the exercise regime - I play keyboard every day for 2 hours on average if not more and it's intense playing - trying to develop speed and accuracy.

Any responses would be highly appreciated.