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Jan 16 '17 at 10:03 comment added Tim @ToddWilcox - just listened again, and it's close to B rather than C ! I think it's easier to play the 'odd' notes using a chromatic, than to accurately (?) play an already bent note. The instrument doesn't sound too in tune with itself anyway. Similar to a pre-bend on guitar - you don't know if the note coming out is spot on, till you play it - then it's a bit late!
Jan 16 '17 at 9:46 comment added Todd Wilcox It sounds like the recording in question could have bending in it instead of being played on a chromatic. Either that or the intonation is slightly off (whether the fault of the reed or the player).
Oct 16 '16 at 19:39 comment added Tim Google 'chromatic harmonica' and you'll be astounded at the response.
Oct 16 '16 at 18:32 comment added Ahmad Jundi Oh ok, I think I understand, but do you think you could provide me an example of one because my birthday is coming up, and I really want to get a harmonica for myself.
Oct 15 '16 at 7:45 history answered Tim CC BY-SA 3.0