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Bass Trombone in G or F

I play in a community brass band and have just taken up the trombone. I'd like to use my tenor trombone (in b flat) to play bass trombone parts where necessary. A lot of the bass trombone parts are in a different key. Eg: Bandology (arranged by Frank Wright) has the 2nd Bb Trombone in the (treble) key of C but the bass trombone is in the (bass) key of Bb. In Amparito Roca arranged by Aubrey Winter the 2nd Bb trombone is in the key of Eb but the bass trombone in the key of Db. I guess the music was written for trombone in the key of C? So transposition for a Bb tenor trombone to play Bass trombone is a full tone up? Am I correct?