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Any tips on playing 5 and 6 note tripletstuplets? (sheet music in desc)

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Any tips on playing 5 and 6 note triplets? (sheet music in desc)

http://www.gangqinpu.com/pu/2015/7/2/104346_155341.pdf bar 66 - 73 the notes are easy but just timing the triplets with the dotted notes in the left hand (whats it called? syncopation?)

here is the reference midi

as you can see, that some of the arpeggio is played quicker.

but I have a feeling that the rhythm for both left hand and right hand is more free. I dunno maybe for consistency sake I should practice with the left hand and right hand dead on.

here is the original performance

now that I've listen to this, he accented some notes making them anchors. so maybe I should just learn the notes and later just practice anchoring the notes that he is anchoring