I'm new to guitars. Here's an audio recording where I'm playing two notes twice. First time I mute in between them and it produces what I would expect it to. Then I play them consecutively and they sound like they're vibrating.

It's a NUX Mighty 20BT amp and it only happens on profiles other than the acoustic. It also sounds fine on its own.


Is this normal? I can reproduce it on two guitars.


This sounds normal to me - just an example of a prominent beat effect, exaggerated by the distortion:

when the two tones are close in pitch but not identical, the difference in frequency generates the beating. The volume varies like in a tremolo as the sounds alternately interfere constructively and destructively.

If you don't want the gap in between the notes and you also don't want the beating, you need to get good at muting the first note just at the same time as you play the second. This is one of the main skills in playing distorted electric guitar.

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    'Tremolo' as not defined by Leo... – Tim May 28 '20 at 5:43

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