I'm trying to learn this piece that is called "Waltz in A minor" and I don't know to play that little symbol.

enter image description here

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    May be way off the case here, but that looks very much like the playback position indicator from a bit of software that is playing back the piece on MIDI. Is this a printed score in a book, or a PDF someone has sent you? – Steve Mansfield Jun 1 at 6:34
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    Listen to several recordings and it will show itself - or not. – Tim Jun 1 at 6:48
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    which symbol? – Michael Curtis Jun 1 at 15:18
  • By any chance, do you mean the tiny notes at the start of the more complete measure? – Dekkadeci Jun 1 at 16:48

(I assume you mean the gray triangle with the vertical line; the two smaller notes at the beginning of the bar are grace notes.)

Googling for sheet music for "Waltz in A minor" yields a couple of results like this one from pianotv.net. None of them have such a symbol at the end of the third bar (or anywhere else) so I guess Steve Mansfield's hunch is right: it's just a software artifact, indicating the current position. It might not even be your software if somebody took a screenshot and sent it to you.

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