I am trying to print all the accidentals within a staff (or within the score, both would work) while engraving with Lilypond. Currently, it's because I'm engraving 80+ bar, multi-staff unmetered music with a lot of accidentals, and the original partition shows all the accidentals. I know I can add ! to force it, but I don't want to do it manually for all the accidentals. Is there a way to do so ?

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Lilypond has several options to automatically display accidentals. I'm not sure which one suits you best, but perhaps one of these:


This rule is intended for students, and makes it easy to create scale sheets with automatically created cautionary accidentals. Accidentals are printed like with modern, but cautionary accidentals are added for all sharp or flat tones specified by the key signature, except if the note is immediately repeated.

enter image description here


This is the opposite of no-reset: Accidentals are not remembered at all – and hence all accidentals are typeset relative to the key signature, regardless of what came before in the music.

enter image description here

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