I just bought a used rc3 looper. The loops are playing back before I finish them and I cant seem to delete it once I've recorded to a channel. I was wondering if anyone had any advice.



  • "The loops are playing back before I finish them": how long are your loops? Is it during recording or overdubbing. "I've recorded to a channel": what do you mean by channel? There is only of what I would consider a channel in RC3 – Tom Jun 22 at 5:59
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    Maybe a start: my.boss.info/support/by_product/rc-3/owners_manuals – Tom Jun 22 at 6:37
  • Thank you,I meant track I'm just a newb. It was during recording when I had reverb on the amp. – Jules Jun 27 at 14:36

While it's stopped, press and hold the footswitch until "CL" flashes, indicating that the track is cleared out. It sounds like there is already a loop saved on that track.

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  • Thank You, It didn't have anything saved on the track but I had the reverb on my amp on and it stopped when I turned off the reverb. – Jules Jun 27 at 14:32

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