So I want to write not just at the end of a score, but after it, like the dal segno on this snippet :

enter image description here

I find it really neat, but don't find how to do it. It is not a text script, spanner or mark. It is not an object. So I'm a loss at how to do it.

For now, I just add _"D.S. al Fine" \bar "S-S" at the end of my score, so the dal segno is below the score.

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Here I am overriding the barline stencil:

fancyMarkup = \markup \with-dimensions #'(0 . 0) #'(0 . 0) {
  \raise #-2.5 \center-column { "D.     S." "al" "Fin" }

\new StaffGroup <<
  \new Staff { b1 b b b b
               \once \override Staff.BarLine.stencil =
               #(lambda (grob)
                   (ly:bar-line::print grob)
                   X RIGHT
                   (grob-interpret-markup grob fancyMarkup)
               \bar "S-S"
  \new Staff { b1 b b b b }

enter image description here


To be honest, I don't know an elegant way to do this and I would be very happy to see one. However, in the meantime, you can engrave it with use of a hack like this: lilybin.

What I did there is essentially this: I attach a markup to the last note in the right hand like so:

b-\tweak extra-offset #'(6 . 1.5) _\markup{\with-dimensions #'(0 . 0) #'(0 . 0) \center-column{ "D. S." "al" "Fin" }} \bar "S-S"

The main idea is to take what you want to typeset, which is \center-column{"D. S." "al" "Fin"}, make it take up no space using \with-dimensions #'(0 . 0) #'(0 . 0) ... and put the markup to the right place (found by trial and error) using -\tweak extra-offset #'(X . Y). It's very ugly, but sadly I don't know of anything better and it at least gets the job done.


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