I don't know much about pianos but I want to learn to play a few songs. I have an old keyboard with 22 white keys which I will label... Can I play most normal songs on this keyboard or does it become limited with only 22 keys?

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  • Does this answer your question? Using keyboard/MIDI controller to learn piano – Von Huffman Jun 30 at 1:48
  • Your keyboard has only white keys? If tere are black ones as well, there's really no need to label them - there's a distinct pattern - for example, there's always a D note between the two black keys - meaning there's C to its left and E to its right. Only 4 othrers to find! – Tim Jun 30 at 5:05

By 22 white keys I’m assuming you mean a 3 octave keyboard. That means aside from the white keys you have 3 alternating sets of 2 and 3 black keys for a total of 37 notes. Correct me if I’m wrong.

This type of keyboard is fine for playing melodies with simple chords or chords and bass and you can have fun playing it if you accept its main limitation, which is range. You can only play so low or so high on this keyboard before running out of room because of the relatively low number of notes it has. Most basic keyboards have 61 keys or 5 octaves and a piano or full sized keyboard has 88 keys. This gives you the ability to play more comfortably and not run out of notes as you go up or down.

By all means try it out, you may find that it’s enough for you to get started. Down the road you can invest in a better keyboard with more notes and nice sounds for anywhere between $100 and $200.

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