What makes this song to feel so middle eastern? I mean harmonically and theoretical context. Because as I see live here all performed instruments are western but still it feels so oriental. Also here are tabs for guitar If it will help to analyse

EDIT1: Here is an interview, around 10.00 and she says they were watching Afghani music documentary. Will it be helpful to analyse the music?

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What makes this song [sound] so Middle Eastern?

  1. The rhythm is one often used in Middle Eastern music.
  2. The instrumentation, consisting of percussion, and a chordophone such as an Oud, Sitar, guitar, etc.
  3. The harmonic progression, using Bmin, Amaj, Gmaj or Emin, and F#min or F#maj, is common in 20th Century Middle Eastern music.
  4. The articulation. In the first few minutes you can hear the soloist bending some of the notes a bit, not to reach the next scale note but only to accent the note.

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