I'm making an online chord database, and I want symbols instead of words to label everything, so it can be used by non English speakers. E.g. instead of "Home" I have a picture of a house.

I have a feature to transpose chords up or down, and I'm just wondering if there's a standard symbol for "transpose"?

  • How about something like an up/down arrow ↕ or ⇳ – piiperi Reinstate Monica Jul 4 at 8:55
  • Numbers are also common to every language, so -1/+1 could also work? – Tom_C Jul 4 at 10:01
  • Are these guitar chords or piano chords or something else? I only ask because on a guitar you can sometimes slide a chord position up and down the neck, but you can't do that on a piano. And don't the note names change with the language too, e.g. Do vs C – Brian THOMAS Jul 4 at 10:15
  • @BrianTHOMAS they are written chords like "C Am F" etc, so applicable to piano and guitar. About the language, yea I know German swaps B for H, so it wont be perfect, but the aim is the least amount of english knowledge needed – Mirror318 Jul 4 at 10:44

How about something like 🎼⬆️ and 🎼⬇️ ? I just did this with emojis to demonstrate. I don’t know any standard symbols for transpose.

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I'm not aware of an existing symbol. How about some variation on the following?

enter image description here

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