I was reading through a book when I came across this lick. I tried to represent it in guitar pro but am finding difficulty. Can you please help me with this lick? I understand that these are grace notes but I am not able to add effects to the grace notes like prebend and release. Is there something that I am missing? enter image description here


You need to use the bend tool (p95) for this kind of things. It will allow you to add prebends and release part on a bend.

There is also a "prebend-release" which should match pretty well what you want to do.

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  • I checked the manual but details about adding bends, prebends and release to a grace note is not given. In the second note in the first bar, G is a gracenote. There's a prebend and release applied to this note and F (10th fret 3rd string) is played. The problem I am facing is with this specific point wherein I am not able to add any features to the grace note – adhithya ravichandran Jul 5 at 5:35
  • @adhithyaravichandran Are you sure these grace notes have a real utility except giving the starting point of the bend? Score says G but tab says 12+FB which is A. I would personally remove these grace notes and use the bend capabilities of guitar pro – Tom Jul 5 at 6:58

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