I want to become better at playing chord charts and lead sheets, so was wondering if there are any exercises that target ones ability to shift between chords with lots of extensions, clustered voicings, inversions to target melody notes, etc. I understand that simply practicing them is going to get me there eventually, but was just wanting to see if anyone knows of any routines that help?

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  • Here are some exercises by Nahre Sol. They focus on ii-V-I, but her ideas could be adapted to any chord changes you wanted to work on.
  • Another exercise I like is to play four (or more) notes at random and try to resolve the resulting chord. This can be done looking at the keyboard or purely by ear/feel. Both are useful
  • You might consider the book "Patterns for Jazz" by Jerry Coker (et al). The whole book is exercises for playing various chords and chord progressions, which could be easily adapted for the kinds of complex chords you're describing.
  • This video looks promising (more ii-V-I, but with some interesting voicings and chord extensions)
  • When I encounter a chord progression (or really, any musical passage) I like, I'll learn it in all twelve keys. No routine to this, just something I do when a passage grabs me.
  • Patterns for jazz seems to be quite useful. Pdf downloadable for free. Just got it. – Albrecht Hügli Jul 15 '20 at 6:29

Yeah there is one actually!

Basically, you want to move as little as possible, always keep either the 3 or 7 at the bottom. A good example is the Bill Evan voicings.

I'd check out this comping video:

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