I want to build a keyboard patch in FL Studio. As in a single 'instrument' where the keyboard is split in several zones, to each of which corresponds a stack of simpler instruments. A simple example would be electric bass + synth bass in the left part and a fat composite lead synth in the right.

I am aware of Layer, however it bugs me that a Layer cannot control other Layers, also don't know how to split keyboard into zones with layer.

One more thing I'd like is playing octaves while playing only single notes on my MIDI keyboard, for example on piano or strings sound. One way to accomplish this is to load two instances of the instrument, transpose one of them an octave up/down and control them through a Layer. However this is inelegant and may be punishing performance-wise with resource-heavy synths.

What I'd like in this regard is basically some kind of a MIDI signal filter, which takes some notes on input and outputs those same notes plus also them, but transposed an octave up/down. This way, one instrument instance would suffice.

Combining all these things should make possible some quite nice keyboard patches, made from several independent plugins for a rich sound.

How do I do this?

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