I am looking for a good edition for the Novelletten Op. 21 by Schumann. I saw the Peters edition and the Henle edition. Is there a particular edition that is recommended for the Novelletten?

I am looking for an edition that is accurate to the intentions of the composer and that has useful information such as on fingering, on differences of previous editions and, if possible, on interpretation and on the context of the music.

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    The question neither specifies, in which respect the edition is desired to be good, nor mentions it special intentions you may have, so the default learning to play has to be applied. – guidot Jul 30 at 7:04
  • Different editions play an important role on the study and interpretation of the music. This is not a question on transcribing or finding a particular song. I have included additional information on what makes a good edition. – Andre Jul 30 at 8:47
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    Urtext is about being close to the original - this will typically not include much fingering level information (the composer may often have written for himself/herself). While the editors notes may supply information concerning corrected notes, I have yet to find a score supplying much concerning interpretation and context. For this secondary literature exists, which easily fills whole books on its own. – guidot Jul 30 at 12:44
  • Good editions compare interpretation marks that appeared in the manuscript and that sometimes were changed in subsequent editions. This kind of information is important because it suggests points that can have different readings. This is about music, practice and interpretation. – Andre Jul 30 at 19:38

(Caveat: I can't examine the editions directly, so my comments are based on information available online plus experience with other scores from these publishers.)

Both Peters and Henle have Urtext editions, meaning both claim to be as faithful as possible to Schumann's original intentions.

Peters is edited by Hans Joachim Köhler; Henle by Ernst Herttrich (Editor) and Walther Lampe (Fingering).

I generally find Henle to be printed more clearly, on better paper, and with easier to read layout. On the other hand, they are also more expensive.

A (very) brief survey on imslp and "the internet" suggests that there isn't much debate about the score itself, which would imply both are accurate. However, this last comment should be taken as speculative on my part.

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  • Thank you for your answer. I was surprised to see that this question was considered off topic, although this is a “music: practice and theory” forum. – Andre Jul 29 at 20:03

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