how to do I get the Shine on You Crazy Diamond(Pink Floyd) tone from my Amp(Harley benton hb20r). I also have three pedals (compressor, phaser and chorus).

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David Gilmour's tone is described on various sites, but the basic core of it is a clean tube amp with vintage pickups. His amps (Hiwatts) also have a lower mid range, so you can emulate that by turning down your mids, but even on the Hiwatts Gilmour has his mids at 40%, bass at 50% and treble up towards 60%.

If you have a delay pedal, that would help get you a more accurate sound.

Gilmourish.com reckons his pedal settings are:

  • Boss Compressor (CS-2) set to level 2, attack 12 and sustain 11
  • Boss Chorus (CE-2) set to rate 1 and depth 11
  • Digital Delay of 440ms
  • Wasn’t aware of gilmourish.com before this post so thank you for that! Commented Aug 4, 2020 at 18:23

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