My problem is with single stroke rolls. When I start to try and play faster my hands want to go in unison almost going into flams.

I have been playing slow single strokes with metronomes keeping the space between my strokes even. Are there any exercises exercise that would help me speed up without going in unison?


slow single strokes with metronomes keeping the space between my strokes even

You are already doing the right exercise...

Another exercise is simply doing the same thing without a metronome. You start at a speed that is comfortable and you gradually build speed while maintaining even strokes. As soon as your strokes become uneven, start over again from your comfortable speed.

Do both of the above exercises with double and triple strokes on each hand, one after the other.

Practicing other rudiments - rolls, paradiddles - will help you in gaining speed along with more even strokes as well, just less directly.

Unfortunately, there is no magic exercise that will help you build speed and maintain even strokes, otherwise - if you could possibly invent another one, you will likely go down in music history for all eternity. Until then, you have to practice and practice and practice - until you hate rudiments and want to punch the guy who invented them in his stupid face...

For free tips and tricks, the best place to look is generally on youtube. This is the first video that popped up for me when I searched "even strokes drums":

  • Revisiting this after scrolling through "unanswered questions" (i.e. no upvoted answers); I thought of putting together an answer a while back but never bothered, this does a great job! One additional thing I'd emphasise is focussing one's awareness on the physical sensations of the stroke with the aim of making it as relaxed and natural as possible – and if you reach a speed where that becomes lost, to slow back down again. Patience and repetition is absolutely the key!
    – Judy N.
    Dec 4 '20 at 23:10

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