I can't play the grace notes. Either it gets out of sync or there is a noticeable delay. La Campanella m. 14



I recommend 1-2-3 for Fx-G#-A#. That works best for my hand, and it's also the fingering used by the following performers (whose hands are visible):

(Helpful tip: on YouTube, you can use , and . to move frame by frame.)


Tensing up when playing fast is a frequent problem. You might be tightening your hand to play the grace notes, or tightening your upper arm to move quickly to the high D#.

Practice technique

Play slowly. Play the first three notes, releasing the A# with a staccato "leap" to the high D#. Your movement should make a single, smooth arc (a parabola). If you find yourself adjusting your arm position in mid-air, or if you need to adjust your finger position as you approach the D#, then your direction of movement is not yet efficient enough to make the leap at speed.

When you movements draw a smooth curve, then slowly speed up.

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