I am a beginning pianist and I have to make a instrument choice between trumpet and clarinet. Which one is better for beginners?

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    How are we to decide your future? They both have about ther same range, written in treble clef, both are transposing - I guess Bb for each (normal), so the best you can do is - as I did - try both and decide yourself ! – Tim Sep 4 at 16:18
  • Trumpet can be played with one hand, leaving the other hand free for piano comping! One-man jazz combo. – piiperi Reinstate Monica Sep 4 at 17:45

@Tim offers very good advice, try each one out if you have the opportunity to. If you can’t do that first remember everyone is a beginner on every instrument when they first start. Some instruments may be a little harder than others at first but rather than use that as your criteria for making a choice, instead ask yourself: Which one appeals to me more? which do I enjoy listening to more? Woodwind and brass instruments are apples and oranges, with brass you have to buzz with your lips when you blow and generally there is less finger action and more creating the notes with lip action. Most woodwind instruments use a reed which requires you to squeeze and blow to make the the reed vibrate and more of the fingers are used to get the notes. Hope this helps.

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    So, should we choose the apple or the orange..? There's absolutely no correct answer here, for a myriad of reasons. – Tim Sep 4 at 16:52

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