Most steel tongue drums aren't chromatic, most are pentatonic, hexatonic, or diatonic. This trait make them easy to play but not very versatile.

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Is it a good solution to have two tongue drums with their key center a tritone apart from each other to build a chromatic scale across the two drums ?

I'm afraid that some detail would make this idea not work in practice. My primary concern would be sympathetic resonance within a tongue drum creating out of key tones. But since I have never played, I don't know whether this would be true or not.


Chromatic steel tongue drums do exist. A google search for "chromatic steel tongue drum" shows at least two makers:

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    It does not really answer my question but this answer was useful nonetheless, I did not know this cycle of fifth drum. The demonstration video of the Zenko Ionian + Combo kinda reassure me on the sympathetic out of tone resonance when playing two very different tongue drum (though I don't really like its sound).
    – 021
    Sep 11 '20 at 22:49

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