I'm not able to find any indication that you can do this in ABC, and I was able to use a couple of Ideographic Space characters in the lyrics to make it kinda work and get the lyrics to align, but thought I'd ask anyway. Is there a way to notate the alternate notes for the melody of the second verse?

This is the sheet music I'm trying to replicate:

alternate melody for second verse


You can come fairly close:

T:lyrics alignment
%%score (V1 V2)
[V:V1] A2 A4 y/8 GF
[V:V2] A2 y/8 A2- AAGF
w: joke kid, __ it's a
w: pay kid, _ for what you

The required code segment is

%%score (V1 V2)
[V:V1] A2 A4 y/8 GF
[V:V2] A2 y/8 A2- AAGF
w: joke kid, __ it's a
w: joke kid, _ for what you

I tried using grace-notes to finesse the small-font notes, but they don't allow for a quarter-note, can't control the stem direction, and can't align lyrics to them.


This works on http://www.mandolintab.net/abcconverter.php but not in FiveLineSkink 2.0 Beta, so it might depend on the software you use:

    [| A2 A4- GF &\
     A2 A2 AAGF|]

The &\ is what allows us to express multiple voices.

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The answer you seek I believe is here, in section 4.6.3


Just in case it helps anyone else:

This is called a different 'voice'. The origin of this is harmony (chords) originate in people singing together. Chord literally means in accord - with one another in French. Usually the top voice is 1 and any addtional voices are 2, 3 or etc. By ABC notation do you mean tradition sheet music?


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