Interested to hear the theory breakdown for the whole song - but specifically the theory behind the chorus harmonies (

@ 0:42)

I am trying to develop my music theory knowledge but am not yet at a stage where I understand enough to break down a song yet - any insight would be super helpful!


The chorus starts on a major chord. The root of that chord then drops a half step to create the mediant minor. Then the major chord returns before finally landing on the dominant.

So AbCmAbEb

The core of the progression is the alternation across chords between the scalar root (Ab) and leading tone (G).

T:Chorus harmonic analysis
C:Royal & The Serpent
[Ace] [Gce] [Ace] [GBe]
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  • Why Db accidental? The key is Cm. – user1079505 Oct 2 at 15:05
  • @user1079505 Thanks. I only listened to the chorus. Fixed now. – Aaron Oct 2 at 20:54

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