In researching CPE Bach - Solfeggietto - cross-hand playing style?, I stumbled on the following statement in Wikipedia:

The work is often performed by left-hand alone.


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Much of the piece is straightforward, and the fingering reasonably intuitive. However, there are some sections to watch out for and some requiring license.

mm. 3-4

These two measures require some wide leaps so may need extra practice for accuracy.

mm. 13, 15, and 25

The problem in these three measures is that the hand-span is too large (for anyone who can't reach a minor seventeenth -- 2 octaves + minor 3rd). There are a few options:

  1. Treat the notated left-hand notes as grace notes.
  2. Roll the chords.
  3. Change octaves.

Here is an illustration of m. 13 and it's options. Measures 15 and 25 are similar.

m13 LH alone options

mm. 14, 16, and 26-29

These passages require careful fingering and then practice for accuracy. Fortunately, the chords are staccato; otherwise, the leaps to the high notes would be prohibitive for many of us.

Here's one possibility for m. 14.

m14 LH alone fingering

mm. 22-24

In these measures, a whole-note is given in the left hand. To accommodate, either use some judicious pedal, or cut the note short -- two beats will be sufficient to communicate the intended effect.

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