I bought a keyboard a couple of years ago (should have done it way before).

I've been playing the guitar for twenty years just strumming and singing. but now I bought a new instrument to learn. Also to learn music afterall, because I've just been through with very little knowledge.

I've got no idea how to read and write notation. And I believe that's the way to learn, by reading and writing so I'm planning to write down the songs that I'm learning to begin with solfege. And this is how I actually play this song.

Shes leaving home

As you can see my playing and my writing are very poor. ! And thanks god we've got software that lets us hear the notes!. But this is such a childish arrangement and performing. So I guess I should start READING insted of writing, isn't it?, so I don't write down my mistakes... and my bunch of quarter notes...

E.g. in bars 5 and 6 I play the second inversion in my RH because I'm building the bad habit of using my right index on the tonic.

Or I don't know if I should label the ii-V-I in the key of B from Bar 9...

I think I'm going to try changing the left hand, or the note lengths to try to make it sound less mechanic. I'm also singing on top, so maybe I should play another thing with my RH..

I'll appreciate any advice... I know you will tell me "get a book of Beatles songs for piano", and also find a teacher. I might start with the book.

I'm not really sure if this is an specific question, feel free to downvote or close if it's offtopic or too broad.

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