I have a document with multiple pieces and a Table of Contents. MWE:

\markuplist \table-of-contents

\tocItem "Song 1"
\score {
    \new Staff { c d e }
    \header { piece = "Song 1" }

\tocItem "Song 2"
\score {
    \new Staff { c d e }
    \header { piece = "Song 2" }

This works as expected, except that Lilypond doesn't write a PDF Document Outline (the thing marked in red in the following screenshot, I'm not quite sure how this is called, which is also why I found it difficult search for my problem).

enter image description here

I'd really like to have that in my PDF document. Does anyone know how I can make lilypond create such an outline?


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I believe this is now supported in LilyPond 2.22, as suggested by this note in the list of changes:

PDF bookmarks are now supported and allow for \tocItem entries to appear in the ‘table of contents’ panel of PDF viewers that support it.

  • I'm using 2.22.2 and PDF bookmarks did not generate for my table of contents.
    – Scott
    Sep 7, 2022 at 6:18

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