Did I put write in the correct takadimi syllables for these two exercises? Some of the syllables I wasn’t sure.

Exercise 350:

Exercise 350

And this one number 371:

Exercise 371


Exercise 350

The first measure is correct: ta occurs at the beginning of each beat, and eighth notes indicate the beat in the 3/8 time signature.

The third measure is also correct: ta on the beginning of each beat; di on the halfway point of the beat.

The fourth measure is close, but mi is the wrong syllable. In should be di, because it occurs at the half beat.

X: 1
T: Exercise 350 hint
M: 3/8
K: none
[V:V1] B2 B3 B |
[V:V2] "ta"B"di"B "ta"B"di"B "ta"B"di"B

In the seventh measure, the triplet should be ta-ki-da. Three ordinary sixteenths would be ta-ka-di, but triplets are ta-ki-da.

Exercise 371

This exercise is mostly correct. The quarter-note / eight-note rhythm is ta-da, and dotted quarter-notes are ta. The two duplets in seventh measure should be ta-di rather than ta-ki. ta-di represent the 2-division of the beat.

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