I have been looking for a music stand with a retaining lip to stop single sheets of music from sliding off the shelf at the bottom of the stand, so far without success. Is there a particular term I should be searching for, or perhaps other stand designs to help hold music in place?

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    What's wrong with gluing/screwing a strip of wood onto the shelf? Or doing what we do when playing in the open, use a couple of clothes pegs. Stick a strip of carpet. Adapt ! Think laterally! – Tim Jan 2 at 17:23
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    I've taken the liberty of rewording your question so that it won't be closed as off topic (equipment recommendations are off topic here). Please, if I've unduly damaged your question, post a comment back to me, and I'll roll back my changes. – Aaron Jan 2 at 18:08
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    I believe they don’t make them this way because it would interfere with turning pages of a book. It would also not allow a thicker book to sit flush on the stand. Another solution is a sheet of clear plexiglass over the music. The music will stay put and also keeps the wind from taking it if you’re outdoors or under a strong A/C vent. – John Belzaguy Jan 2 at 18:59
  • Use of a lip won't work anyway. The slightest breeze or vibration will send your sheet flying. Use a stand with builtin clips as Tetsujin's answer says. – Carl Witthoft Jan 2 at 22:53
  • I thought the reason stands weren't available with lips might be to do with page turning - that's not normally an issue for me as I stick several sheets together. Plexiglass sounds like the way to go - thanks all – PetGriffin Jan 3 at 10:00

Any basic folding stand has little clips that fold up to stop your pages flipping, or a sheet falling off.
tbh, it was only a search on Amazon that threw up solid face ones without clips that made me even think such without clips were even available. Obviously made by manufacturers who have never played an instrument in their lives.:\

Just search "folding music stand" for a million varieties.

enter image description here

  • I thought of these too. There are a few non-wire stands that have this feature as well, Donner and Peak to name a couple. – John Belzaguy Jan 2 at 19:02

Magnets tend to work reasonably well for pinning down single sheets. One reason not to use a single sheet, however, is that it tends to become a real nuisance when backlit.

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