What file formats are compatible with the MX88? I have loaded the B.O.M.B. 2 patch from Yamaha that's in .x5a format, and that worked great.

But now I've got some old Yamaha D7 .syx patches that I'd like to load, but I can't figure out what format to try. I've tried the various MOTIF formats of w2v, w3v, x3v, and x0v, but it doesn't recognize them. I also tried the MODX x7l format, but that didn't work either.

Does anyone know what file format and/or what software I can use to load old synth patches into my MX88? Any help would be appreciated. I'm currently using Awave Studio, but I'm open for anything. Awave won't create the x5a format -- if you know of something that will convert synth files to x5a, I'm good with that as well. Just want to load these old sounds.

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