I'm trying to use the "Hiragino Mincho ProN" font for Japanese text on the title, but I don't know how to use fonts, not even the other default ones (Sans and Typewriter).

I don't have any knowledge of programming, so if I have to make use of Scheme, I'm quite lost x'D

I've tried to understand the manual, but I don't really get it. And on top of that, English is not my mother language, so that might be another issue.

Can anyone explain me how this works?

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As long as you have this font installed, you should just be able to insert a \paper block clarifying your fonts at the start of your file (after your version statement):

\paper {
  fonts = #
   "Hiragino Mincho ProN" % use this for the main (Roman) font
   "etc" % your sans font
   "etc" % your monospace font
   (/ (* staff-height pt) 2.5))

See also the discussion in the Lilypond documentation about changing fonts (it has slightly different code that should do the same job).

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